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Blogging.LA Holiday Giving: Chihuahua Rescue

There are a lot of homeless pets, and rescue organizations who are trying to help them, who can use help around the holidays and year-round. There are many fantastic groups, but one I am familiar with is Chihuahua Rescue, located in Burbank. While they care for mostly Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, the no-kill, no-turn away volunteer-run shelter takes in other, primarily small, breeds as well. Many people are having to give up their pets due to the state of the economy and the shelters and rescue groups are quite full. Chihuahua Rescue is no different.

Honey, rescued Chihuahua mix

Besides adopting one of the available dogs, there are many other ways to give. You can sponsor a dog, make a one-time monetary donation, give goods and supplies such as food and blankets, or volunteer your time (as I’ve done in the past). Click here to learn more about donating to Chihuahua Rescue.

(Honey is a Chihuahua mix I rescued from an Orange County group last year).

This post is part of the Blogging.LA Holiday Giving series.

This Week’s Metblog Dog

It’s hard to believe that anyone could neglect this devastatingly handsome Pit Bull Terrier and Weimaraner mix. Just over one year old, Arthur came from a sad background of being chained outside of a Los Angeles automobile repair shop. Regardless of his once meager beginnings, this dashing guy is very sweet, innately smart and quite clever.

Arthur Needs A Forever Home
Arthur Needs A Forever Home

Arthur would do best in a home with someone who is comfortable being a leader. His foster dad has spent a lot of time building a solid foundation – rehabilitating him, making sure he follows directions and teaching him excellent manners. Ideally, Arthur needs someone who will continue to be persistent and consistent with his training, building on the outstanding progress he has already made. In return, Arthur will give his new family everlasting love and companionship. I think that’s a rather sweet deal.

To schedule a meet and greet with Arthur, fill out an application at karmarescue.org or e-mail Rande at [email protected]

If you want to check out the rest of the Karma Rescue family and meet the tireless volunteers who make all of this possible, Karma Rescue will be holding a pet adoption event this Saturday, May 29 at Kirby’s Pet Depot in Mar Vista. Continue reading This Week’s Metblog Dog

Find Love Of The Four-Legged Variety This Weekend

Looking for something to do this Valentine’s Weekend as an alternative to buying overpriced, unnecessary gifts, candies, flowers, and meals? Not that there is anything wrong with all of that, if that’s what you’re into. However, if you’re looking to spend your pennies on something that’s possibly more meaningful and will also bring some love into your life, you might want to check out The Bill Foundation’s “Have a Heart” dog adoption on Sunday.

The Bill Foundation is responsible for saving the lives of thousands of dogs in L.A. since its inception in 1998. It is a non-profit organization that is solely run by the tireless work of volunteers. This weekend’s event will highlight some of their “harder-to-place and special needs dogs,” who so very desperately need the care and safety of a forever home. Through my own personal experience with a troubled former street turned shelter dog, I can tell you that there is something really special and unique about rescuing this type of pet. The unconditional love and gratitude are both palpable and oh so worth it.

Read on for more event information