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The Other People On The Road

I just thought you might need a reminder of who might be driving next to you on the streets of L.A….

Waiting in line today at the Van Nuys DMV, I witnessed 4 people get a failing grade. To pass, new drivers can miss 6 or less. For renewals, it’s 3 or less.

From an article in last November’s L.A. Times:

When it’s time to take the California driver’s test for a license renewal, one-third of the drivers flunk the exam given in English. Among aspiring drivers who have never taken the exam before, 50% fail.

People taking the test in Spanish for renewal do even worse, with 80% flunking.

Yes, some of those wacky DMV questions can be tricky. I can understand missing a few. But, one guy missed 31 questions. 31 out of a possible 36.

Have a nice day.

Slusho-NO You Didn’t!*

Hey friends! So I have to get this shit off my chest… It’s the story of a nerd and his dream, and how the state of California threatened said dream… But it’s pretty much about Steve and his Volkswagen Beetle, and the personalized license plate that the DMV denied…

UPDATE: I’ve decided to present you all with the original denial letter from the DMV. View in all it’s horrific glory after the jump!

Click here to read the haunting tale!

A Helpful Hint From The DMV

Yesterday I realized that my driver license is about to expire so I headed over to the DMV website to renew online and I found the instructions amusing, in a very bureaucratic way.

DMV Helpful Hints

That’s right kids, on the DMV website it says that in order to renew your driver license on the Internet you’ll need to have access to the Internet.

I’m not sure if I should be laughing at the silliness of this or be saddened by the fact that the DMV felt this information was necessary.