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Ruin Beckons On Friday Nights

Photo courtesy of LA Dead and Catalyst Echo
Photo courtesy of LA Dead and Catalyst Echo

Ruin at the Monte Cristo has been one of the most consistently enjoyable nights out to be had in the Los Angeles underground since it opened. Taking place in one of the few decent venues that has become a fixture for upscale Goths and alternative lifestylers, the club was at one time in danger of closing down. It seems to have bounced back with a vengeance.

I had heard rumors of the new renovations at the Monte Cristo and been curious for weeks to see how the décor could have possibly been improved upon. Between that and the noir theme for the night, I was unable to resist inviting a group of friends to join me for a warm up evening before the highly anticipated Edwardian Ball.  So, we converged upon Ruin for a night of delicious escapism.

The remodeling was not as breathtaking as I had been expecting though it wasn’t without some useful improvements.  The space was opened up quite a bit, making it seem twice as large. Windows were unearthed from behind a wall in the backroom. I imagine those will help when the summer hits as the venue is notoriously unbearable during a heat wave. Some additional seating was added, an inspired move as there is no longer seating out on the patio.

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Pre-Edwardian Ball Festivities At Ruin

Image Courtesy of LA Dead
Image Courtesy of LA Dead

If you’d like a little warm up to the ultra glam of the Edwardian Ball taking place this Saturday night, have no fear as DJ Xian is offering up an evening of noir elegance with Shadow Play at Ruin.

Held in the newly redecorated Monte Cristo (3100 Wilshire Blvd), Ruin is allowing free entry to anyone with Ball tickets.  You can also try your luck at winning tickets to the event if you don’t already have them.

Come mingle among the dangerous dames and vintage vixens for an evening of dance, absinthe and edgy conversation.  Themed costuming is highly encouraged.  Upscale attire is absolutely compulsory.

Ruin takes place every Friday from 10 pm to 2:30 am.  Tickets are $10 at the door ($5 before 11 pm).  The Monte Cristo has its own parking ($5).