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Menu Mining: Sticky Toffee Pudding at Waterloo and City

Waterloo and City is a recent addition to the spectacular list of restaurants that call Culver City home. I’ve been three times and have tried many things on the menu (all super delicious) but when they bring the dessert menu over I wave them away with a very posh  “Bring me the sticky toffee pudding!”

Oooooh boy.

The sticky toffee pudding itself is hot and melty with the cakey part soaked through with the toffee part. But the kicker, the thing that gets me every time is the salted caramel that the pudding is bathing in. I could honestly have a bowl full of the caramel and be done with it, but you need the pudding part to break up the caramel overdose. On top is “milk ice cream.” I don’t know what that means exactly, sort of feels redundant. But who cares because that kiss of creamy goodness involves itself so beautifully with the toffee, caramelly goodness. I could see myself getting more intimately involved with this dessert, it is so sexy. Whew. Is it hot in here or what? [fans herself]

Get on over to Waterloo and City and try all of their yumminess (their special last night of the pasta with brown butter sauce and garlic foam with shaved truffle on top nearly did me in). Their menu changes often, which makes going often really fun, but if they ever EVER take this dessert off the menu…oh they’ll be in Barney!

Waterloo and City
12517 West Washington Blvd. (that’s the south one)
Culver City (the very West part)

Divine Doughnuts in Burbank: Doughnut Hut

I discovered Doughnut Hut via the troubled Yelp, where folks raved about its selection & fresh flavor. I’ve since stopped by a handful of times for a dozen doughnuts to take to work. Today, I stopped my rabid acquisition of ‘nuts long enough to take some photos.

A patron surveys the donutty damage.
A patron surveys the donutty damage.

More images & location info behind le jump.

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I think that I shall never see / a pie as tasty as olallieberry

sideview.JPGI like pie. I only hang with people who like pie. It’s always time for pie.

Except for some pies, which can only be had once a year, when their fruit is in season.

Enter the olallieberry, “a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively).” Upon seeing Jiyeon Yoo’s post over at metromix heralding the start of olallieberry season, I knew I had to haul it to Pasadena Pie ‘n’ Burger (o holy Pie ‘n’ Burger! how softly I dare breathe your exalted name!) before their stock sold out.

P’n’B’s pies are to die for, and olallie was no exception. I suggest you, too, haul thine ass over to P’n’B in the ‘Dena for your own sample, before the earth moves away from the sun just a scooch and wipes this year’s crop of sunshiney-filled jewels of yum from the surface of the earth for yet another year. More pie goodness behind the jump; click to embiggen.

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