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September is Cronenberg Month

The Fly, to be exact. The consummate anti-superhero movie is featured on stage and screen this month in our fair city. Wednesday night, the Arclight is screening The Fly as part of its AFI Directors series. Cronenberg and Howard Shore will be there for a Q&A afterward. (Yours truly will also be there, so if you’re going leave a comment to that effect. Maybe I’ll buy you some jujubees.) The screening is really just an appetizer, I suspect, for the main course The Fly The Opera which debuts at the LA Opera Sunday. I myself am not much of an opera kind of gal, but I may have to make an exception for this. Shore and Cronenberg collaborated with David Henry Hwang on the opera, which will be conducted by Pl├ícido Domingo. So if you’re one of the five other people in the world who found The Dark Knight annoying, let The Fly function as narrative anti-venom.

(jpctalbot’s Green Bottle Fly picture used through a Creative Commons license.)