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(All-Encompassing) National Cupcake Day is Today!

The one's from Crumbs.

For those whose love of cupcakes goes beyond the death of the trend years ago, TODAY is National Cupcake Day!  In honor of this national day of cupcakery, Susie Cakes is offering a free cupcake in exchange for an unwrapped toy.

Now, today’s holiday is not to be confused with October 9’s National Cupcakes for Life Day, in which you were encouraged to have a candlelit cupcake vigil for all the aborted babies in the world (the thought of all the cupcakes eaten in honor of non-baby babies just warms the heart, doesn’t it?).  No, this is a more All-Encompassing Cupcake Day, so go ahead and have a cupcake in honor of all people who made a life-wrenching choice to do what was right for them.  Or, if you’re not one of those awful people who must turn the personal into the political every time you eat, sleep, work, or socialize, buy a cupcake for cupcake’s sake.

If you’re planning ahead for the next industry-sponsored holiday day, FYI:  tomorrow is National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day.  Better start watching your temper now.

CUPCAKE ALERT! Magnolia Bakery coming to Los Angeles

magnoliaMagnolia Bakery in Manhattan’s West Village is opening a shop in Los Angeles, and the Blackburn and Sweetzer blog is speculating their new digs will be on 3rd St. and Orlando.

Today, the NYC bakery’s PR confirms that Magnolia is in fact expanding to Los Angeles, however, is not at this time confirming the location. So, keep your eyes peeled on 3rd and Orlando for scrumptious clues. I know I will.

(Thanks to my cupcake-loving friend Cheryl for the tip. She said, “i can’t wait…to wait in line for a magnolia cupcake again!”)

Mobile Gourmet Rodeo: “Square Meal on Wheels” @ MOCA

Holy roving gourmet trucks, Batman! In conjunction with their Movie Night on the 27th, Dwell On Design‘s hosting a mass meet-up of some of LA’s hottest mobile food vendors. Kogi is rumored to show although not confirmed; but I’m most smitten by the Sprinkles truck, which, if I ever see it en-route, I will follow across the city like a crazy stalker.

There’s also Locali’s Icicyle, Barbie’s Q BBQ, Let’s Be Frank, CoolHaus ice cream, Tacos Ariza and the Green Truck. Here’s all the info on the mobile restaurant row; to check out the movie night (which for better or worse will prolly be overshadowed, at least among the twitterati & the blogospheroids, by the food trucks) go here. Dwell on Design is a design conference & exhibition, incorporating home tours, restaurant design spotlights, film screenings and seminars. And also, apparently, cupcakes.

Hat tip to Jeff & his peeps over at Thrillist for beating me to the punch on this one.

More Vegan Cupcakes for LA

lamapjpgIn addition to the recent news that Pasadena bakery My Sweet Cupcake now serves vegan cupcakes a few times a week (call first before driving over there), I just found out that New York’s Babycakes is finally about to open in LA, though not at their original planned location. You may remember that back in 2007 I pointed to their soon to open space n Beverly Blvd which in turn never opened. The cupcakestresses announced via e-mail this morning that not only they have signed a lease on a spot in the bank district in downtown but already have a staff hired and expect to be open very soon. More news when I get it!