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Create:Fixate, Downtown Tonight

Photo by Blake Gardner, used with kind permission.
Photo by Blake Gardner, used with kind permission.

Looking for something interesting to do tonight in L.A.? Take in some culture, a lot of culture, at Create:Fixate‘s art space at the Premiere Events Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Back in March I told you about Create:Fixate’s first event of this year, “Wisdom Within Us.” Tonight they return with their new show, “Build.” I had a great time at Wisdom, and I’m really looking forward to the new show.

Tonight’s event will follow a similar format to the one in the Spring, with a new theme. There will be many different artists showing in a huge three-room gallery, live music & DJs, cocktails and dancing. It’ll be like that party at your friends house, but cooler. Much, much cooler.

What: Create:Fixate’s “Build” – Exploring Art, Architecture & Design
When: Tonight, Saturday 6/27, from 7:00pm-3:00am.
Where: Premiere Events Center, 613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles

So tonight join me early at the Doll Factory for the LA Derby Dolls All-Star game, then follow me over to Create:Fixate and we’ll make it a high-brow after-party. For complete details on tonight’s event, see Create:Fixate’s website.

Create:Fixate Drops Some Wisdom

This Saturday (3/7,) Create:Fixate is hosting its first event of 2009, “Wisdom Within Us.”

Click to magically magnify.
Click to magically magnify.

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m an art neophyte. I couldn’t tell you what qualifies as “good.” I just know what I like when I see it. This event seems tailor made for me, because it features a lot of different artists working in various mediums (ie. lots of variety for a guy like me to enjoy.)

I say “event” because this isn’t going to be just an art show.  Oh, there will be art in the traditional sense – painting, photography, sculpture, installations – but there’s more. A lot more.

Follow me past the jump to find out just how much more, and how you can join me for the fun (and, you know, culture and stuff.)

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