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I admit it, I’m a copper whore


Found these beauties at Marshalls for 39.99
Found these beauties at Marshall's for 39.99

It started with liking to eat.  Well too might I add.  I learned to cook.  I sold cookware at Bullock’s and learned what made up the good stuff. This is where I learned that good tools make good cooking easier.  I’ve been indulged over the years with some really good cookware.  I’m upping the ante on my cookware collection and getting copper.  Besides cooking very well it is as pissy as it gets for putting on the dog for your guests.

Copper, especially the stainless steel lining as opposed to tin lined have a lot of pluses in terms of even heating, easy clean up, no worry about acidic foods and no having to bother with getting it retinned.  I found these beauties at Marshall’s today.  Copper with 18/10 stainless at $39.99 each.  Considerably less than you would find retail anywhere else.  If you want some good copper with stainless interiors on the cheap check out your local Marshall’s before they are gone.  

For those of you who think copper is a pain to clean, check out Surfas in Culver City for their house label cleaner/polish for only $1.99 bottle!

pic by me with the phone cam