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Mogwai at the Orpheum, May 16 2009

mogwai17We gave away tickets to a couple lucky winners last week, and I followed hot on their heels to the Mogwai show downtown.

With all the wild boosterism I supply for the Orpheum, you’d think I’d have been there, but this was my first time. The semi-baroque, semi-neoclassical performance hall did not disappoint. It was strange but appropriate to see Mogwai there–such a stark, spare, deconstructed-and-reconstructed sound amidst the architectural equivalent of an Italian opera.

I wish I knew the titles of each song they played, but alas, I do not. I reluctantly hand back my membership in the Music Geek Club.

Nonetheless, the show was an aural assault that soothed you into a calm complacency as Stuart Braithwaite noodled somnolently away at his guitar, then let loose with a massive wall of sound that set the subwoofers beneath my feet (as I took pictures from the pit) thrumming, fit to rattle down the gold-leafed ceiling.

Amen to Mogwai, and a sound so wide and deep it can’t fit in words. Thanks for bringing the sublime to downtown LA.

More pics behind the jump and on flickr.

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Win Tix to Mogwai at the Orpheum Saturday, May 16

mogwaiThe bombastic Scottish five-piece Mogwai returns to LA in a venue befitting its magestic, cinematic, explosive sound: Downtown’s glittering neo-Classical movie palace The Orpheum. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this show, and I also can’t tell you how essential it will be for you to bring earplugs if you win these tickets.

I started with Mogwai’s Come On Die Young album, was blown away by the loud-soft-loud-soft post-rock landscapes, and then backtracked to their 1997 album Young Team. That sealed the deal. The later Rock Action & Mr. Beast were fantastic as well. A show some years later at the El Rey left me flattened, gasping for air from the wall of sound, and blown the fuck away.

To win, tell me your favorite Mogwai song and why you love it so much. May the force be with you.

The Goldenvoice show info is here.

Win Tickets to see Shiny Toy Guns May 9 at Club Nokia

Two weekends from now, electro-rockers Shiny Toy Guns appear at the nifty new Club Nokia. They’ve come a long way since their early demos garnered attention in 2005 while the band was stewing in LA’s underground and generating buzz via myspace.

From Mike White of deadlydevice via Creative Commons
From Mick O via Creative Commons

While their hit single “Le Disko” (last.fm) was a sexy, nuanced call to arms (and to the dancefloor) from the heart of an underage robot, their new(ish) single “Ricochet” (last.fm) has all the roaring velocity of a straight-up rock stadium classic on overdrive. There’s a palpable change.

Amidst bandmember switcharoos and the almost-inevitable loss-of-cabin-pressure the occurs when a small, green band gets signed & shot into the stratosphere, they’ve kept writing & hung tight. The result is a new album, “Season of Poison,” that is technically stronger than–if lacking the home-run kismet–of “We Are Pilots,” their first album.

We have more than tickets to give away–one grand prize winner will get a pair of tickets, access to the exclusive VIP lounge (21+) with meet & greet, a copy of their latest CD “Season of Poison” and an autographed Shiny Toy Guns-Goldenvoice poster. Saweeeet. Check behind the jump for how to win.

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Lykke Li Not-So-Secret Show Announced: Hollywood Forever, May 29

lykke li secret showAs I hinted on on my work blog a week or so ago, Lykke Li WILL be playing a super-exclusive set at Hollywood Forever‘s Masonic Hall at 9pm on May 29th. This should be amazing–the hall’s stern and stoic architecture a fascinating foil to Lykke’s bubbly Euro-inflected electrofolkpopwhatever.

There are a VERY limited amount of tickets for this event, with a strict 2 ticket limit (per household). The venue is small and won’t fit many people, so hop to it if you want in. Tickets go on sale at noon on Thursday, April 23 through this link.

This show WILL sell out so be prepared to queue up (electronically) around 11:58 or so on Thursday.

Photo by Benoit Derrier via a Creative Commons license.

Win Tix to Pepper, Shwayze & more at Club Nokia 1/29

Hawaiian dacenhall-punk-poppers Pepper bring their dance-inducing bubble-hop-rasta to¬† Club Nokia in downtown LA. Along with hybrids Shwayze, who graft turntablism, hip-hop & singer-songwriter styles together, this should be a great show, supported by The Supervillians and Passafire. People who always say “I like all kinds of music. Except country,” will prolly really enjoy this one.

Want in? Tell me what you think the most bizarre musical style-blend could be: klezmer with New Wave? Cumbia with Tuvan throat singing? Opera and hyphy? We’ll pick a couple winners to go rock out at the show.

Win Tix to Tapes’n’Tapes 1/24 at the El Rey

Work at a record store? Or are you merely a music snob? Here’s your concert. Tapes ‘n Tapes play with Wild Light & Wavves this Saturday at the El Rey. Of course, we know you’re all planning on being at the Classic Eats dinner that night, enjoying your drinks at Traxx and your extremely strong mustard at Philippe’s, but of course this would be a lovely little show to take in post-dinner.

Wanna go? Tell me in the comments what 10 songs you’d put on a mixtape & what the theme would be. We’ll pick a couple lucky bastards to go. Here’s all the info on the show.

Win Tix to the Raveonettes 1/24 at the Fonda

Hey guys! The super-awesome Raveonettes appear this Saturday at the Fonda with The Soft Pack (formerly known as The Muslims) and former Metblogs author DJ Travis Keller. Now we know you’re all planning on coming to the Classic Eats dinner that night, but may we suggest this as after-dinner entertainment? I think we may.

Wanna go? Leave a clever play-on-words band name (real or made-up) in the comments and we’ll pick a few lucky winners. Here’s info on the show if you wanna buy tix.

Win tix to Metronomy with The Mae Shi 1/21 at the El Rey

We’ve got tix to see Brit indie darlings Metronomy play with local indie darlings The Mae Shi tomorrow night at the El Rey. Wanna go? I don’t have a whole lot of time to compose some fantastic contest today because they’re firing 9% (to be exact) of the people who work at my office today and we’re all ducking & covering. So howabout you just leave a comment telling me how much you deserve to win, and when I get a moment to check my non-work email, I’ll hit a couple winners back.

Here’s the show info, kiddies.

Win Tix to Ingrid Michaelson @ the El Rey Thursday Nov. 6

The myspace protege & indie chanteuse will entrance yet more fans tomorrow here in LA. She plays with with Newton Faulkner and David Ford @ the El Rey. Wanna win tickets? Tell me how long you’ve been a dedicated fan & how you became one. We’ll pick random winners to get a pair of tickets to the show. FWIW, the gal came into our offices at my supa-corporate work & was extremely sweet, approachable and, well, normal. I say if the democratization-wave the tubes of the Internets has brought to the music industry creates a new, grassroots crop of down-to-earth musicians who aren’t full of themselves and who just deliver great music, then the world will be a better place.

If you don’t wanna chance it to win, and just wanna buy your tickets, you can get them here.

Go See Rilo Kiley at the Greek Tonight–for Free!


We haz winners! Sorry, no tickets left. Try the Warped Tour instead.

Last-minute ticket alert!!! We don’t even have time to make up a clever contest for this one. We’ll be choosing randomly from the first commenters to tell me their fave thing about tonight’s lineup at the Greek: Rilo Kiley, Lavender Diamond and Benji Hughes!

Leave an email I can reach you at asap.

Win Tix to Ingrid Michaelson at the El Rey

ingrid.jpgIndie acousti-songstress and myspace protege Ingrid Michaelson‘s exploded into the vacant space left by Sarah McLaughlin and Dido, giving emo singletons and primetime dramas yet another soundtrack to their self-sufficient-yet-full-of-yearning melancholia. Bless her soul. She plays the El Rey Tuesday the 24th along with Greg Laswell.

She really is super good. Listen here. To win tickets, let me know which lyrics in her songs speak to you the most and why. I promise not to call you emo. It’s ok. Don’t forget to leave your contact email so I can get back to you if’n you win.

We’ve got more than tickets to give away, though! Our grand prize winner gets a copy of her latest album, Girls & Boys. w00t.

Rush Rock Downtown


No one I know likes Rush. Not a soul. My circle is so hell-bent against the Canadian power trio, I decided to ask them all if they wanted to catch Rush at the Nokia Theater downtown with me on Tuesday, just to see how many Rush Rejections I could get. I got a lot.

When I asked Maryann, she made this little exclamation of surprise and then laughed at my wildly funny joke. I sent Sara a text invite. She texted back, “Sounds lyk my idea of hel.” Chaz merely texted, “Ugh.” I’m alone among my friends. But when it comes to Greater Los Angeles, things are a bit different. I parked downtown at 7:30, headed for the venue and soon found myself in a crowd–a big, black-clad, slightly grizzled throng. And we were all here for one thing.

Rush, dude.

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