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“We, the People” Documentary Film Festival Begins Thursday

homeWe.pngBeginning this Thursday and running through Saturday, Trade&Row is presenting “We, the People,” a documentary film festival showcasing portraits of American culture, from Thursday, October 16, 2008 to Saturday, October 18, 2008:

In the year of a presidential election, it is important to think about the magnitude of what Americans are asking one person to represent to the world. Who are we? How do we come together? What do we, the people, stand for?

Over the course of three evenings, We, the People will showcase films that go beyond generalities to inform Americans about the economic and social issues that may uplift or immobilize certain areas, and show how they can extrapolate to other parts of the country.

Three distinct venues have been selected in hopes of bringing people together to promote multiple perspectives: Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, Echo Park Film Center and Self Help Graphics. In addition, Trade&Row will facilitate dialogue and ask audience members to comment on the film or films of each evening that had the most impact.

This event looks well worth a visit as there is a ton of really intriguing stuff being shown. I’m particularly interested in night number one’s Lost Colony, described as “A short documentary following a few days in the lives of residents of Crusoe Island, North Carolina, who are known for suspicion of outsiders and subsistence living along the Waccamaw River.”

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Green Bin Table Scrap Collection for the Masses

Eco-conscious Angelenos were doubtless thrilled at last week’s news that the city is starting a pilot program that allows citizens on a select few sanitation routes to dump their table scraps and “food-soiled” materials in the green bin for composting. Great news, but I thought we could already use the green bins for all kinds of organic waste like lumber and past-their-prime veggies. Fortunately, Siel of the Times’ Emerald City blog answered this question a few months ago, clarifying that the green bins are an appropriate resting place for food scaps that don’t contain any animal products, as well as grass, leaves, weeds, tree branches, and clean wood. Those new-fangled compostable plastics? Not so much. Unless, as pointed out on Emerald City more recently, you live in the city of Santa Monica, who recently began sending the contents of their green bins to an appropriate industrial-grade composting facility in Sun Valley. So, only the lucky few residents in Harbor Gateway, Lincoln Heights and South Los Angeles that are part of the city’s new program can throw their chicken bones and pizza boxes in the green bin, but the rest of us can and should still use it for our corn cobs and rotten apples.

Community Pasta Dinner for Fallen Officer

pasta dinnerThis came across my desk:

“The Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2188 and Ladies Auxialiary, are asking for the support of the community to help raise funds for the family of fallen Deputy Juan Escalante. This 27 year old Deputy was killed outside his home in Cypress Park.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles are hosting a PASTA DINNER on Thursday, August 14 from 4pm to 8pm. Donations for the dinner are $10 per plate. The Eagles Hall is located at 1596 Yosemite Drive at Townsend in Eagle Rock, 90041. 323-257-8869

Any type of donation or support for the fundraiser would be greatly appreciated.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will be given to the fund set up for his wife and children.”

Derby Dolls to Offer Women’s Wellness Clinic

I’m not really sure what the “Mayor’s Day of Service” is, but I do know that it somehow relates to the Derby Dolls hosting an awesome sounding Women’s Wellness Clinic here in Hi-Fi:

LA Derby Dolls, with the City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), will be offering a Free Women’s Wellness Clinic July 19th, 8am – 12 Noon, for the women of the community.

The 45-minute workshops will include: a self-defense workshop taught by the renowned Nelson Nio, founder of SHIELD Women’s Self-Defense System; a Tai Chi made easy lesson by Derby Doll and certified Tai Chi instructor, Sydney Bennett; healthy eating on the go nutrition advice from Alyson Weeces and Dr. Jeffrey Palmer; a workshop to discuss the effect media has on women’s body image and self-esteem; a yoga tutorial; and a “Staying Fit with Exercise” instructions to provide low cost and convenient fitness tips, including aerobics and “punkrope” lessons.

You need to email [email protected] to sign up, and given that this is going down tomorrow I think you probably need to do so soon. Full announcement after the jump
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Times on Illegal Dumping: Worse Than Ever

CC-licensed photo by Flickr user ‘SeraphimC

Julia beat me to the punch on raising this topic around hereabouts, but today the Times weighs in with an investigational piece on what I think is one of LA’s most pressing and scandalously overlooked problems: illegal dumping. Here’s a particularly telling bit:

Officials with the Department of Public Works, the agency responsible for maintaining the 800 miles of city alleys, said they were doing all they could to fight illegal dumping and keep alleys clean.

But records show that the number of arrests by department investigators for illegal dumping dropped from 359 in 2002 to 55 last year. The number so far this year: three.

Meaning our no-longer-so-fair metropolis is on track for a stunning six arrests for illegal dumping in ’08. Of course, it’s hard to blame Public Works for the fact that we’re on the path to a Robocop-esque future where the streets are full of burning piles of refuse. After all, it’s not their fault that their budgets are being rerouted to pay for more cops, and it’s not their fault that a sizable percentage of Angelenos are are self-involved fuckerheads and would rather spread urban blight than call for a bulky item pickup or pay a pittance to take garbage to a dump. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of discussion regarding solutions in the Times‘ article, and it’s not something I’ve seen addressed in any detail by anyone in city government. I wouldn’t expect to see a change any time soon.

Important Lincoln Heights Crosswalk Threatened

2808-n-broadway.JPGOne of the first projects I worked on was to get a signalized crosswalk at that intersection,” says Erika Gallo. “We collected hundreds of signatures and our success were the crosswalk signs. We knew we needed more but were never able to be promised more than the signs.” Now it seems as though that crosswalk may be removed entirely.

I’m on a few community e-mail lists for Northeast LA & noted this post. I think it’s important to know about. What I’m not clear on is the reason for removing this crosswalk. I have called the DOT only to land on hold forever. Perhaps someone will have better luck than I. Google maps with street view has an excellent image of this intersection and the crosswalk itself.

Here’s the post from local businesswoman Erika Gallo:

Good morning friends and neighbors,
Most of you know me or recognize my name. I want to give you a bit of background on this intersection. As you know, my family has owned Sloan’s Dry Cleaners at that intersection for over 30 years. Over these years we’ve seen countless people cross that street and nearly be hit by cars that won’t stop. In my time spent working at our business I’ve seen four people hit by oncoming traffic. I particularly remember one young man who I saw thrown up in the air and land flat on the floor…

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