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Culver City Classic Car Show this Saturday

Classic Car
One of our area's vintage cars, spotted in Santa Monica

One of my pleasures of living in the relatively dry SoCal climate is our thriving classic car culture. Part of that culture will be on display this Saturday, as downtown Culver City hosts its Crusing Back to the 50s car show right out on Culver and Washington Blvds. from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. I was there four years ago, and it was loads of fun.

In addition to a selection of over 400 classic cars, expect to see some of the world’s most famous tv show custom cars and their creator, George Barris (Batmobile, Munster Koach, etc.). There will be food, music, and car-related merchandise on hand as well. Oh, and did I mention that admission to the show is free?

Found on Road Alive : MG MGB GT named “freckles”

I spotted this well used 1966 MG MGB GT in Arcadia this morning.  The Union 76 service station at Foothill moved it around so I could get my wife’s car smogged.  Wow…what a surprise to see that lovely old relic of the British auto industry be pulled out.  To learn more about “freckles” you will need to make the jump.

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Found On Road Alive: 1958 Ford Thunderbird


1958 Thunderbird the first of the square birds
1958 Thunderbird the first of the "square birds"

This well used example was spotted on Cotter Avenue in Duarte, just off old Route 66.  The 1958 T-bird when introduced was considered pure heresy.  It was was called the “square bird” as the enlarged passenger cabin now held 4 passengers.  Though no longer competition to Chevy’s Corvette it launched an entirely new category of American Cars.  The Personal Luxury Car.  Ford owned that market until Buick launched its Riviera in 1963.

Ford’s gamble paid off.  The new T-bird sales took off during one of that decades worst years for auto sales.  The T-bird doubled its previous years sales.  It was one of 2 cars to actually post a sales increase.  By the time that body style run ended in 1960 it outsold the original T-bird 3:1!

Now if I can find a 1966 which is my favorite generation we’d be in business and my Centurion would be on the sale docket.

pic by me with the trusty cell cam.