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Late For Home Ec.

Inside Home Ec. (photo courtesy of Jenny Ryan. Some rights reserved.)
Inside Home Ec.'s Beautifully Organized Space (Photo courtesy of Jenny Ryan. Some rights reserved).

This post is a bit tardy, but I’ve been in detention like all year.

One of my favorite local DIY mavens recently opened Home Ec., an adorable retail space located in the heart of Sunset Junction in Silver Lake.

Just standing on the sidewalk, peering into Home Ec.’s warm, holiday decorated window, my fingers start to twitch as I spy a studious row of sewing machines, colorful bolts of fabric, neatly organized cubbies filled with yarns and spacious work tables inside. Home Ec. is not just a sewing and craft workshop, it’s a dream workshop that I hope to replicate in my own home some day.

The store offers fabrics and yarns, sewing patterns, books, craft kits and even some exclusive products that you will only find in the store. They also host classes ranging from sewing and fiber arts to paper crafting and glasswork.

Home Ec. owner Jenny Ryan is the creator of the hugely popular Felt Club. She’s also an occasional blogger for CRAFT and Apartment Therapy LA, and the author of Sew Darn Cute: 30 Sweet & Simple Projects to Sew & Embellish. Continue reading Late For Home Ec.

Punk Rope With Janis Choplin And The Buzzcocks

One thing I love about our hometown Los Angeles Derby Dolls (LADD) is their DIY attitude and unique approach to athleticism, which is punctuated by the fact that the Dolls are now hosting Punk Rope every Wednesday, led by Janis Choplin, captain of the Fight Crew.

Punk Rope Coach, Janis Choplin
Janis Choplin, Punk Rope Coach and Captain of LADD's Fight Crew

To clarify, the Dolls did not invent “Punk Rope,” it was originally designed by Tim Haft, who certifies trainers like LADD’s Janis Choplin to teach the class. “Choppy” also coaches a Punk Rope class in Silver Lake on Tuesdays. This week’s Tuesday Punk Rope class was a trip back in time to the 1960’s and Wednesday’s class will be a tribute to the Buzzcocks.

Check out an LA Metblogs EXCLUSIVE interview with Choppy about the class:

MB: What exactly is Punk Rope?

JC: It’s a fun blend of recess and boot camp, combining creative calisthenics, games, group activities and rope jumping. Continue reading Punk Rope With Janis Choplin And The Buzzcocks

ReForm School Girl


I must have browsed inside ReForm School in Silver Lake countless times before I noticed that the store is focused on sustainable design and green living. With unique and functional accessories for the home and impeccably designed masterpieces (and no sign of hemp or tie dye anywhere!) on every shelf in the store, it’s hard to believe that my shopping habit is also saving the world.

Succulent Terrarium Class at ReForm School
Succulent Terrarium Class at ReForm School

You’re welcome, world. I also didn’t know that ReForm School offers a slate of fun evening classes designed for for adults. What better way is there to recycle my money than by feeding it back into my brain? You’re welcome, brain.

This month’s ReForm School class roster includes “Embroidery 101,” “Needlefelting 101,” “Sewing 101,” and lots of other courses that will teach you how to make such things as your own succulent terrarium, papier-mache bracelet, or even vintage charm jewelry. The best part is, you get to take home whatever it is you learn how to make. ReForm School also offers kid-friendly courses, see their web site for details.

I signed up for the Succulent Terrarium class on March 16, which teaches you how to re-purpose glass containers and plastic toys to make a diorama-style habitat for your succulent (all materials provided). Space is limited, so if you want to join me you better go online and sign up now. You can enroll and pay for all classes via Paypal or credit card here: Continue reading ReForm School Girl