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You know that Arizona Boycott? It hit a little redlight.

So you know that boycott of Arizona that the City Council pushed through to express the outrage over the Arizona’s new immigration law? A lot of people have suggested it’s just a meaningless move, like banning nail clippers on airplanes, that doesn’t really change anything but lets a lot of people pat themselves on the back for doing the right thing. But it seems as quick as they were to pass it, they are just as happy to write in exceptions to it. Like the redlight cameras all over the city, turns out those are operated by Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions, Scottsdale being firmly a part of Arizona. And you know, since those are a big source of revenue for the city and prevent accidents at red lights, in the interest of the people, the City Council has gone ahead and excepted them from the boycott. Except they don’t do either of those things. They aren’t making the city any money and if anything they are causing more accidents. And what is worse, the City Council knows this.

The LAPD’s statistics show that about half of the 32 photo-enforced intersections have either had no change in accidents or an increase, said Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

“That’s not a very good record,” she said. And some of the city’s worst intersections for traffic safety don’t have cameras, she said.

She and Councilman Paul Koretz also pointed to a report from the city’s top budget advisor that says Los Angeles’ revenue from tickets falls about $300,000 short of covering payments to ATS and the LAPD’s costs to run the program.

Doing a heck of a job there City Council. Heck of a job.

Wait, WTF are you doing again exactly??
[part of the above photo taken by flickr user jkarsh and used under creative commons]

March Madne$$

Los Angeles is broke. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the city’s electricity, cable, and internet was shut off for failure to pay. City workers have taken pay cuts, furlough days, and had their positions eliminated altogether. It’s for the greater good, according to elected officials.

Yet, 8 of those same elected officials are refusing to take pay cuts of their own. Not even a fraction of their bloated 6-figure salaries. Reasons vary from “I already fired enough of my staff,” to “I just don’t feel like it.”

So, in honor of March Madness, which of the Elite Eight will be the last to fall? Who will hold out the longest at their own political peril? Will it be the City Attorney who is on an Illegal Billboard Crusade? Or, the City Councilman who doesn’t live in his own home because a drifter keeps sneaking in to spend the night?

Face it, your basketball bracket cannot be saved. It is time for a new game. Play along!

Mayor Goes Back in Time With City Council

Villaraigosa has a new Facebook app asking you to pledge allegiance to him. Behold:


It is not the fact that he claims to be “bringing us together,” or that he is “getting things done,” that bothers me most. Instead, it is the disturbing trend in political head shots featuring the coat over the shoulder. The one that says, “Hey, I’m just like you, voter. I’m taking off the tweed and rolling up the shirt sleeves to make this a better city.”

It should be noted that Antonio isn’t the first to channel his inner 80’s. Tom LaBonge of District 4 does it on his $25,000 website:

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L.A. considers selling naming rights to city services

The Sparkletts Fire Department? The Prius Department of Public Transportation? Under consideration.

Desperate to close the city’s $150 million budget gap, members of the Los Angeles City Council are thinking outside the box with ideas ranging from increasing the number and cost of parking meters (Bill Rosendahl’s idea) to charging arrestees the cost of police time (Dennis Zine’s).

Oh yeah, and “selling advertising or naming rights to city facilities.”

Among the options suggested has been selling ads for gunmaker Smith & Wesson on police cars around the “To protect and serve” logo – or renaming the new police headquarters after Glock, another gunmaker.

The transport division could be renamed after a car, such as the politically correct Prius.

Fire trucks could be sponsored by an insurance company or a brush-clearance firm. The DWP could have its trucks emblazoned with Sparkletts water ads.

Brilliant! Here’s some more ideas, City Council: Parking tickets could have coupons attached ($1 off 8 pack of Nathans hot dogs), court rooms could have commercial interruptions (today’s murder trial brought to you by Pinkberry!), and, well… readers? Any suggestions you can leave in the comments?  [source: Daily News ]