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Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery

I first heard of Evergreen at the beginning of the year.  It was listed in the LA Times as one of Angeleno’s top open spaces.  After asking around both native and transplants, I found exactly 2 people who had ever of it, neither had visited. Yesterday, I finally went to the cemetery.

Located in Boyle Heights Evergreen Cemetery is Los Angeles’ oldest graveyard.  There are over 300,000 people interred there, including the movers and shakers of the city’s past.  You can find a list of famous Angelenos buried there on Wikipedia & Find a Grave. What’s fascinating is how segregated the park is.  There is a Chinese section, a well-kept Japanese section, blacks were buried high on a hill in the corner of the park, and there’s large Armenian area too.

Yet still in another part of this Cemetery, you will find the Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association and the Women’s Auxiliary. This section was founded and dedicated by the Circus and Carnival troupe in 1922, for their members and spouses. (Evergreen Cemetery) Continue reading Evergreen Cemetery

Cinespia Announces First Cemetery Screenings of 2008

Ace In The HoleLooking for something to do on a Saturday night that involves music, an old cemetery and some of the best movies ever made? Well thanks to the folks at Cinespia you needn’t look any further because they’ve announced their first two screenings of the year at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. For several years now Cinespia has, on spring and summer Saturday nights, turned the Hollywood Forever Cemetery into a film lovers spooky paradise by screening classic films and cult favorites under the stars.

To kick off this year Cinespia has chosen to show the appropriately dark Ace In The Hole on Saturday May 24th. Long considered Billy Wilder’s lost classic, Ace in the Hole stars Kirk Douglas as an ambitious but down on his luck reporter who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime; a story so big it will take him back to the top, as long as he can keep it going…and he keeps it going no matter the consequences. While it was panned after it’s 1951 release as being too dark that may be due to the fact that it says more about some of the ugly aspects of human nature than we care to admit to. Ace in the Hole is Billy Wilder at his darkly satirical best and I highly recommend heading out to this screening because it’s an experience (and a film) you wont soon forget.

If you can’t make to Ace in the Hole, Cinespia will be back a week later on May 31st with The Party, a Blake Edwards comedy starring Peter Sellers from 1968. It’s the only non Pink Panther collaboration between Sellers and Edwards and it also features a pre Love Boat Gavin MacLeod, a baby elephant and many cultural artifacts that scream; “Hey, this was made in 1968”.

Here’s all you’ll need to know about Cinespia Cemetery Screenings 2008:

  • The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is at 600 Santa Monica Blvd (at Gower).
  • It’s a $10 donation to get in.
  • Parking on the cemetery grounds is free but it fills up fast, parking elsewhere will cost you a few bucks. Some street parking is available in the area but as always look at the signs (do I have to tell you this?).
  • Music before and after the movie.
  • Bring a picnic and blankets but no barbecues and no tall chairs.
  • You can bring booze but not your pets.

Check out Cinespia.org to learn more. Hope to see you at the cemetery sometime soon.