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405 Carmageddon II set for September 29 – 30


Here it comes again, Westsiders needing access to the 405 freeway are screwed as it will be closed that weekend again on a 10 mile stretch.  Actually, the folks in the valley will be inconvenienced the worst if they need to trek over The Hill that day.  KTLA ran the full story which you can read HERE.  Their story has cute quotes from Yaroslavsky and Villaraigosa on what to do.  My thought is do like last time, make babies and create a nice little baby boom of sorts 9 months from now.

Jet Blue offers Carmageddon avoidance option – fly it

The 405 SignageIts so weird I can’t even make it up.  Jet Blue is offering flights Saturday only between Burbank and Long Beach for $4 each way.  Details HERE.  Why its almost as cheap as the train or a bus.  Could be an interesting way to kill some time Saturday if you have no plans and “rack” up some air miles too.

Hat tip to the NBCLA folks for finding this story first.

That makes my most bizarre finding on the topic yet today.  What strangeness to avoid the 405 mess this weekend have you found?

Countdown to #Carmageddon2011

As you may already have heard, the 405 freeway will be shut down between the 10 and the 101 on July 16 and 17.  The MTA is so excited about this closure that it has given us a fabulous “I-405: Countdown to the Closure” clock that tells us exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have until Carmageddon 2011.  When you’re not watching the seconds of your life flipping past your very eyes, check out the information on the closure, alternate routes, and general advice from officials to just stay away from the Westside (as if you needed a reason) (oh, snap) during that weekend.