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Songs About Los Angeles: “Can’t Take This Town” by Colin Hay

Photo of Colin Hay by Chris Hemmerly under a CC License
Photo of Colin Hay by Chris Hemmerly under a CC License

In “Can’t Take This Town,” Colin Hay explores a few of the more unpleasant aspects of life in Los Angeles. It’s a good companion piece to “In California,”  which Lucinda Michele reviewed last week. Hay’s song is perhaps a bit less poetic, but it gets the point across while exploring things such as vanity, parking, and schmoozing. He also delves into the more serious issue of violence.

There’s a woman in the mirror, fixing her lips
There’s a man in the bathroom, looking for tips
I park the car, and no one to pay
And one pizza later, it’s towed away

I’m not a fan of restroom attendants and am perfectly happy to get my own paper towel. Likewise, I’m not big on the car towing thing. Luckily, I’ve only had that experience once and now read parking signs much more carefully. It’s an expensive mistake to make. Parking in L.A. seems to be a common frustration. The lack of free parking, the overabundance of overpriced lots, and the frequently changing rules and fees for street parking can all be irritating.

Read on for more reasons why Colin Hay can’t take this town