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More damn Calexico

I’m super stoked about their show tonight at the Fonda but I only had one pair of tickets to give away in my last post. Because I really want more people to win, I begged Goldenvoice for more tickets and they kindly obliged! Thank you Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born.

So, new Calexico contest! Ready?

If you could pick a Calexico song to pair with a movie (because so many of their songs are very cinematic and soundtrack-y), what song & movie would you pair? If you can’t think of a movie and aren’t a film buff, you can instead tell me a particular stretch of highway that would suit a particular song.

The LA Times wrote up the show tonight here.

One grand prize winner also gets their latest CD, Carried To Dust. woot!

Win Tickets to See Calexico at the Fonda on the 29th!

Ok, Calexico is up there on my desert island CD list. I’ve loved this band since 2001’s “Even My Sure Things Fall Through”–and I feel like a jerk for not having discovered them in 1997, when their first full-length came out. Blending central & south American sounds with the mestizo music of the US-Mexico border and the space-rock “New Western” sound–think Ennio Morricone filtered through a fuzzed-out Mexican radio. Their live shows are engrossing, with a balls-out brass section, guest vocalists en espanol, and music that expands to suffuse the whole space with an otherworldly feel you only get when you’re in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

So I’m insanely thrilled about this upcoming show and you can bet I’ll be there with bells on.

If you’d like to go too, tell me what your favorite song by them is, and why you love it so. The most impassioned fan gets the single pair of tickets we have to give. Or you can suck it up & buy tickets here.