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Keep On Moving

One of my favorite shortcuts in L.A. is Outpost Drive, which runs from Mulholland Dr. to Franklin Ave. I frequently use it when I want to get from the North Hollywood/Burbank area to La Brea and points west. It’s a fantastic way to avoid jam ups in the Cahuenga Pass and/or at Hollywood & Highland. This is, of course, very important during Hollywood Bowl season.

Skirting the Cahuenga Pass on Outpost Drive (click for bigness)

Last night as I was returning home from a lovely meet up with some fellow bloggers, I realized it was just about time for the Bowl audience to be leaving. So, I made my way over to Outpost and started up the hill. I was delightfully surprised to find that most of the entire route has been repaved and is an exceptionally smooth ride. Previously, it was so bad that when I got a new car a few years ago, it took me many months to even subject it to the trek.

I do have a few other bypasses I like to take to get “over the hill” if I’m traveling at peak traffic times. The shortcuts don’t always guarantee getting to my destination any earlier, but I’d rather be moving than just sitting on a congested freeway or street.

Do you have a favorite shortcut or tip for circumventing traffic in this city? Leave it in the comments below.