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Your Metblogs Authors: can they pwn the Trivia Bowl?!

Just a heads-up to ask all our readers to focus their collective brainpower on the small parcel of Burbank on which we, the intrepid authors of bLA, shall be competing in our first-ever Trivia Bowl this evening (an annual trivia competition organized by the Asian American Journalists Association). I for one suck at trivia, but I’m sure that my compatriots, including Frazgo, Matt Mason, Markland, Will.I.Am, Ruth666, Mack Reed and a few bloggin’ friends and dedicated readers, shall more than make up for my unhealthy preponderance of memory devoted to obscure facts about proto-Renaissance art and Ukranian egg decorating.

I’d say some of us would twitter the event live, except that I think that might make it too easy for me someone to cheat, so you’ll hear radio silence from us until the event is over.

I’m interested to see how well we’ll perform again teams that are mostly comprised of lawyers & journalists. As someone who’s fused her memory so inextricably into the Web (I keep so much of my data and information archived here on the wunnerful world of the webernet that I scarcely can function without it), I suspect I may actually be able to recall very little when severed from the hive mind. I guess we’ll see. As a philosophical discussion, I’m curious as to whether I could make the argument that the Internet has actually become a part of my memory, and, as such, my self.

All that BS aside, cross your fingers for us! We’ll be sure to report back.