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Recession? Not at the Beverly Hills Dermatologist

All the best Los Angeles area doctors are in Beverly Hills. Or so I’m told by friends whenever I ask for a referral. The word must be getting around, because, when I went to see a new dermatologist in Beverly Hills today for a checkup, the waiting room was packed.

Apparently, this doctor’s practice is as much cosmetic as medical, and caters to patients in the entertainment industry. The crowded waiting room was further squeezed by ample helpings of silicone and collagen. On the other hand, I felt safely cushioned in the event of an earthquake. One certificate displayed on a shelf proclaimed that the office had been conferred “Gold” status by the Botox Cosmetic Physician’s Network. The woman checking in before me mentioned her SAG insurance and said she just needed “three zaps.” And one couple waiting near me included a well-known Canadian comedian turned television director. Either HPAA or (my obviously minimal) discretion prevents me from naming him.

One baby-strolling Baldwin Brother and a couple of neighborhood Bentleys later, and I was outta there. It seemed to be business as usual by the Beverly Hills dermatologist.