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A Big Metblogs Welcome To Journalist Marc Haefele

The Dean Of City Hall Reporters has arrived at LA Metblogs. Over many a maté [NOT a latte], Mr. Marc Haefele & I conspired to unleash his killer prose upon you unsuspecting readers.

Haefele has been digging up the dirt on City Hall and LA politics for more than 25 years, in pubs as scrappy as my own LA Alternative, various & sundry weeklies, and as award-winning as the LA Times and KPCC. Where he talks. On the radio. (For those who can’t hear him, he has a deep and sonorous voice, gentle yet infused with childlike glee when describing his car chases up the 405, pursuing the smoked-windowed vehicles of mysterious political donors).

A quick Google of his name will land you with a good idea of his pedigree, but what’s most impressive is his passion for Los Angeles, a maté made right, South American adventures, barbecue, his lovely lady, and his cat, not necessarily in that order. I hope very much this blog will be added to that list. Welcome to LA Metblogs, Mr. Marc Haefele.

Don’t miss his 1st post, below, and here.

Montecito Heights Photoblogging: “Above the City”

There’s no info readily available on the author of this blog, but this photoblog of the Montecito Heights area–the surprisingly-sylvan rolling hills and dipping canyons to the west of the Arroyo Seco and northeast of Lincoln Heights–is a pleasant surprise to stumble upon: http://montyheights.blogspot.com.

Consider recent posts such as one contrasting a plein-air painting with a real-life vista from the Heights, or a bit down the page (sorry, no links on the post titles) the post titled “Suit and Tie”, showing a “desk” composed of cinderblocks & a plank of wood overlooking the vista of Downtown from a grassy, overgrown hillside–they leave one with the sense that Montecito Heights regards the wilderness in a companionable manner, and that the feeling is mutual; and the other images on the blog paint the picture of a scrappy, resourceful and close-knit community.

The author’s contrasts of the seasonal changes in the landscape (titled “Two Tone” and a bit down the page) are amazing and show some serious dedication.

Cheers to you, anonymous Montecito Heights chronicler. You’re putting a face to a name I’ve heard for years but have only driven confusedly through maybe twice. Now I actively want to go back and explore.

LA Metblogs is searching for great new writers!

Admit it. You’ve all been secretly seething with desire to become a glamorous, fashionable and super-sexy Metblogs author.

Ok, well maybe not seething. Maybe just oozing. But if it does appeal to you, I’m now opening up a pool for potential metblogs writers (oozing not required). You can submit yourself for consideration. If you’ve had a favorite person you’d like to see on our author roll, now’s the time to ask them (or ask yourself) if they’d/you’d be willing to:

1. Blog for us in the first place.
2. Make at least four posts a week, you slacker.
3. Contribute to the forums and show up to events; in other words, be active in our little author’s community.

I’m looking for people who have a proven record of being able to make quality posts on a regular basis, & have been doing so for long enough to demonstrate some stick-to-it-iveness. Also people who have strong, concise, articulate voices and who can bring new & interesting ideas to the table.

You can’t “nominate” anyone; applicants must submit themselves.

Interested parties should ping me at lucindamichele (at) gmail (dawt) com with [metblogs] in the subject line.

Send me a little info about yourself,
show me a blog or other publication you’ve been writing for (if you don’t have one, I need writing samples; no attachments, please),
and tell me why you wanna write for Metblogs.

Submissions will be closed December 20.

No decisions will be made until after the holidays.

We’re all really looking forward to seeing our potential new contributors!

A new blog – from the REAL OG’s

OG = Original Grandparents!
OG = Original Grandparents!

Check it out: The newest and best blog in LA!
Eighty years ago, a young girl named Barbara arrived in Los Angeles from New York with her family, took one horrified look at the Jewish neighborhood of Boyle Heights and sniffed “not for me!” Brooklyn Avenue was lined with open barrels of pickles and herring, and frowsy women in housedresses and slippers shopped among the stink. To sophisticated pre-teen Barbara, Boyle Heights was “a Jewish Tijuana,” and she insisted her parents move West of Alvarado.

That was then and this is now. Little Barbara grew up and married Harry
Cooper, raised a family, ran a discount shoe store, and migrated ever
further west, to Hollywood, West LA, Culver City, Camarillo. In 2008, after
73 years of marriage, the Coopers have come back to Los Angeles and settled
into California’s first licensed retirement home, the historic Hollenbeck
Palms in Boyle Heights.

Now with the help of their granddaughters Kim and Chinta Cooper, this
charming and hilarious pair have launched The OGs blog (OGs stands for
Original Gangstas, or Original Grandparents) to celebrate their return to
Los Angeles and give the whole world a chance to enjoy the OGs’ unique
perspectives of life, love and the mysteries of the universe.
Continue reading A new blog – from the REAL OG’s

See You Saturday at the Baby Doll Brawl!

So this weekend’s chock-full of great things to do, but I’m most excited about the Derby Dolls’ Halloween-themed bout, which will feature their up-and-coming new crop of Dolls (including local blogger Mickipedia). Plus, at halftime, the 9-to-17-year-old girls who went thru the Dolls’ summer camp will show off their moves. There’ll be the usual bands, booze and insanity, plus badass broads. And, possibly, blood & bruises. Such are the perils of kicking ass and taking names.

Should be a great event and I can say with certainty that quite a few local bloggers will be in the stands cheering on our faves. Maybe we’ll see you there too!

For info, tix, time, direx and all that fun stuff, go here.

bLA & the LA Blogosphere in the new Wired

A shout out to the LAFD’s Brian Humphrey for appearing in the print version of Wired magazine, in a feature on marshaling the power of web technology to help fight fires, instantaneously alert for emergencies, and integrate the community with the Fire Dept. I can’t find the piece online but I’m sure it’ll be up in a week or so, or you could just suck it up & grab the magazine.

Also, do I spy a letter to the editor penned by our very own Will.I.Am? I believe I recognize that pointed, emphatic and elegant prose in service of a finely-tuned rant. Good show, gents!