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LAPD still giving out tickets for suspended bike license law

Remember back in January when when the City Council suspended the bike license program after LAPD Chief Bratton recommended discontinuing the program all together? You might recall that since the program was suspended and no more licenses are being issued, the Chief issued a moratorium on the law until and can be officially removed. Well, turns out some officers don’t seem to care about that.


This photo shows LA cyclist Alex Thompson being handcuffed Saturday night for, get ready for this, walking in a cross walk while there is a red hand showing. He was in cuffs for 20 minutes, but he wasn’t trying to cross when they grabbed him. He was trying to take a photo of another cyclist who was being cited by Officer Schube for not having a bike license. More details on West Side Bike Side -as you can imagine this one will be going to court. On the list of the worst people in the city to give a bike license citation to, the people who were actively involved with getting the law suspended 3 months prior are probably towards the top of the list. This one is going to be interesting…

[Photo of Alex Thompson in cuffs by Gary Se7en, used with permission]

Making it Official at the Brentwood Grand Prix Bike Race

Ah, Brentwood.  Where you can take your kids for pony rides on Sundays.  Where new Porsche Carerra GT’s sit side-by-side with shabby chic vintage Land Rovers in tree-lined driveways.  Where the parking enforcement officers drive hybrids.  Where you can cut your ex’s throat with a stiletto knife and get away with it.   Where the streets are blocked for a grand prix bicycle race.


That’s right.  This past Sunday, a considerable section of western San Vicente Boulevard, between South Barrington and South Burlingame, was blocked off for the first annual Brentwood Grand Prix bicycle race.  Continue reading Making it Official at the Brentwood Grand Prix Bike Race

The fastest spider in Los Angeles

0 mph - spider at rest
0 mph - spider at rest
When I bike-park near the Glendale power station this morning to do my old-man stretches, this little daddy long-legs is hanging out on the railing that lines the L.A. river.

By the time I finish lengthening my triceps and punishing my hamstrings, the spider has crawled onto my top tube.

When I hop back on to ride home, the spider stays put.

Okay, says I. Let’s go for a ride. Continue reading The fastest spider in Los Angeles

East Hollywood NC Adopts Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

bill of rightsEarlier this week the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council unanimously voted to adopt the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights (pdf link). This is a major step for cyclists in Los Angeles and hopefully just the first of many more to come. Reports from people who were at the meeting say that the NC was fully supportive and excited to adopt the Bill of Rights. In a thread on the  Midnight Ridazz website, EHNC president Elson Trinidad posted a comment suggesting that might not be the case in some other parts of the city. He writes:

“…best of luck trying to get many other neighborhood councils to endorse this. I’m not gonna name any names, but just letting you know you’re gonna get laughed at by some of the other neighborhood councils, which don’t even consider bicycles as a legitimate form of transportation and want more parking and more cars on the road.”

While I’m pretty sure everyone with a car in Los Angeles is supportive of more parking, I’d love to hear from anyone who lives and drives in here who wants more cars on the road. Yeah, that’s just what drivers want – more traffic and less parking. But that’s beside the point – the point is there’s no reason this document shouldn’t be adopted by every Neighborhood Council in the city, hell by the city itself. As I said, this is a major step, and hopefully just the first of many. It’s really exciting to see this happen and it will be great when EH gets to brag that they were the first ones to run with it when everyone else gets on board. Full text of the Bill is after the jump.

Continue reading East Hollywood NC Adopts Cyclists’ Bill of Rights