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LACBC’s “Beverly Thrills” Sunday Funday Ride Is July 1

When Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Boardmember Ted Rogers (who operates the indispensable BikinginLA blog) asked me in May if I’d lead the next LACBC Sunday Funday ride scheduled for July 1, I said I’d love to. And since it was to take place so close to July 4th, I got busy with an Independence Day-theme for the event. But around that same time when the illustrious City of Beverly Hills had to go and veritably gut the number of proposed pilot program routes in its bike plan it was soon after decided that we chuck any patriotic pedaling, and instead load up our bikes and move to Beverly. Thus the Beverly Thrills ride idea was born.

Well, I’ve finally got the route mapped and now it’s just about hammering out the various stops (landmarks, celebs’ homes, etc) we’ll be making. All told the ride will be about 13 miles’ worth of rolling around the island of Beverly Hills — from the “slums” to the stars — with me offering probably WAY to much of my own personal perspective as a survivor of two separate youth incarcerations within its borders. So if you’re not doing anything that morning and wanna come explore/discover the hills and billies of Beverly, y’all come out now, y’hear?

WHAT: LACBC’s Beverly Thrills Sunday Funday Ride
WHEN: July 1; gather at 9 a.m., departs at 9:30 a.m.
WHERE: Ride starts and ends in front of the John Wayne statue at 8484 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 90211
COST: Free
ROUTE: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5528056 (there will be some variations/deviations as stops get added in)

L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks: Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is one of those immediately recognizable L.A. locations that is used in every other film or television establishing shot once our fair hero arrives in SoCal, and is on every tourist’s agenda. It’s where Julia Roberts got a makeover in Pretty Woman, and was one of the backdrops for the drama of the kids of “Beverly Hills, 90210” (is it weird I can’t think of another legitimate reference not from the 90’s?). It’s the face of the entire city of Beverly Hills, especially considering you’re probably not cool enough to get into so much of the rest of the town’s more scenic areas, hidden behind private gates.


But of course it’s more than just a street, or a particular strip of high-end stores. It’s a neighborhood filled with palm trees, small art galleries and contemporary architecture; a meeting place for locals on their lunch break. During a weekend afternoon the sidewalks overflow with those who just want to say they’ve been there and barely enter a single store. On a weekday night it nearly empties out entirely, with many stores closing at 5 or 6, creating a modern ghost town, with only a lit-up semi-bustling restaurant every block or two to remind you that yes, people do live around here, too.

Rodeo Drive's pedestrian walkway - from Picasa user Aurélien Boffy

I’ll admit, I’m decidedly low-brow in my consumption of local hot spots, and have never bought anything there besides cupcakes (lots and lots of cupcakes). It’s one of the few  tourist venues I know of that has surprisingly ample free parking, but I always take the 720 bus anyhow. There isn’t much history to be found here (aside from a couple of the old hotels now under new names and a few shops, much of the Rodeo Drive shopping center as we know it came to be in the 70’s). But it’s a highly walkable neighborhood to bring visiting friends to on bright, sunny afternoons – those afternoons where the streets are flooded with people, gawking and shopping, from all walks of life and all parts of the world, making up a little microcosm of multicultural Los Angeles itself.

Check out the rest of the L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks series here.

$1 Sushi Today Only

Lucky Fish Anniversary Special
Lucky Fish Anniversary Special

Today, Luckyfish in Beverly Hills celebrates its one year anniversary with massively discounted sushi. Anything that cruises by you on the sushi conveyor belt (mmm, sounds fresh!) and also an assortment of adult beverages (shochu cocktails, beers and wine) are only $1 all day today and only today. Someone please go and tell me if it’s worth the drive from Silver Lake.

Luckyfish, 338 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-274-9800, luckyfishsushi.com

Getting Back To Nature In Franklin Canyon Park

With the break from the rain we got this past weekend, it was the perfect time to get back out on the hiking trails. Admittedly, I’ve been going through a lazy spell for too long and haven’t been hitting the dirt as often as I’d like. Hoping to jump start a change, I headed over to Franklin Canyon Park this past Sunday with a group of friends and our dogs. Surprisingly, I only recently discovered the oasis that is nestled between Studio City and Beverly Hills. Since I’ve only been there twice now, and took the same route both times, I have much of the 605 acres to explore.

The abundance and accessibility of nature in Los Angeles is one of my very favorite things about living here. Like so many of L.A.’s outdoor havens, Franklin Canyon Park lets you “get away from it all” without going very far from home. Aside from the occasional helicopter or plane, you really don’t hear other city noises. It’s very green and there is even water, which dates back to the early 1900’s when William Mullholland was bringing water to L.A. Two reservoirs and a duck pond are only a couple of the park’s unique features.

Read on for more info and a few photos

Recession? Not at the Beverly Hills Dermatologist

All the best Los Angeles area doctors are in Beverly Hills. Or so I’m told by friends whenever I ask for a referral. The word must be getting around, because, when I went to see a new dermatologist in Beverly Hills today for a checkup, the waiting room was packed.

Apparently, this doctor’s practice is as much cosmetic as medical, and caters to patients in the entertainment industry. The crowded waiting room was further squeezed by ample helpings of silicone and collagen. On the other hand, I felt safely cushioned in the event of an earthquake. One certificate displayed on a shelf proclaimed that the office had been conferred “Gold” status by the Botox Cosmetic Physician’s Network. The woman checking in before me mentioned her SAG insurance and said she just needed “three zaps.” And one couple waiting near me included a well-known Canadian comedian turned television director. Either HPAA or (my obviously minimal) discretion prevents me from naming him.

One baby-strolling Baldwin Brother and a couple of neighborhood Bentleys later, and I was outta there. It seemed to be business as usual by the Beverly Hills dermatologist.