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Songs About Los Angeles: “Blue Jay Way” by The Beatles


So even the Beatles encountered the flakey ways of Los Angeles no-shows always holding out for a better offer. Damn, bitches– standing up a Beatle?!

Blue Jay Way, a cul-de-sac in the hills of West Hollywood, was where George Harrison was holed up on a visit to Los Angeles in 1967. Jet-lagged and fogged in, he was waiting on a friend to show up and amused himself by playing around on a small Hammond organ at the house. The song “Blue Jay Way” was born and ended up on the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour album and in their BBC television special of the same name.

As an OCD Beatles fan, of course I knew all of this long before I came to Los Angeles, so I also know the friend he was awaiting was not an Angeleno but a fellow Brit and employ of the band, so I take back that little slap at the top– but only because I hate mis-assigning blame for the lack of social graces in this town. But don’t get me started.