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Sincerely Corny

Every October, my inner Linus gets the urge to find the most sincere pumpkin patch. Not so much to wait for The Great Pumpkin, but to see, photograph, and perhaps even select a fabulous pumpkin to display.

In the past I’ve visited Lombardi Ranch in Saugus, Pierce College’s Halloween Harvest Festival, the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival, and even a lovely farm in Ventura County. All of these places had marvelous pumpkin patches, but the most sincere? Hard to say.

This year, I stuck closer to home and checked out Forneris Farms in Mission Hills. The pumpkins there were okay, but what they really have going for them is their fantastic corn maze. You can see an aerial view of it on their website and it’s pretty impressive. It’s large, family friendly and has an optional scavenger hunt. If I didn’t have a navigator, I’d still be wandering around the stalks of corn. While most of the pumpkin patches and farms that are still open close tomorrow, the corn maze at Forneris Farms is open through November 7th.

What are your favorite local pumpkin patches to visit? It doesn’t hurt to start planning for next year!

We get seasonal compression…fall color arrives later around here

It took me something like 20 years to figure it out, but with our looooonnnngggg summer season we wind up compressing the fall and winter seasons to a few weeks.  While the rest of the country is getting ready for their first sleet and snow storms we finally get our fall color.   

I shot this on my way to the river yesterday (it was dry – again) in Duarte along Royal Oak Drive.  Where is your favorite spot to find some fall color around here?

This image was shot 3 frames bracketed with photomatix generating the HDR file as well as doing the tone-mapping.  The final image was post processed in Virtual Photographer to replicate the over saturated colors found on the old ‘chromes printed on cibachrome print material

Autumn arrives in LA and we have color too!

Lunch break and book reading in the Crystal Springs Area
Lunch break and book reading in the Crystal Springs Area of Griffith Park

Autumn for us isn’t about great swaths of color in our wooded areas and neighborhoods.  Its more like an exclamation point of color among the evergreens.  The grasses on the hilltops turn a golden yellow that is accentuated by the warm toned, long shadowed light we get this time of year.  Yesterday I detoured off the Freeway on the way home in the late afternoon just to enjoy “our fall color”.  Quite a few people had the same idea and were picnicking, horse back riding and hiking in the park.  Nice days like this are for enjoying not being stuck in a cube.

I have a couple more pics after the jump. Continue reading Autumn arrives in LA and we have color too!