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Audrye Sessions tonight for free at the Troubador

aduryesessionsI just had a chance to take in a little show these guys put on at my work here in Burbank and I can’t recommend them enough for fans of Radiohead, Travis, Elliot Smith and Sigur Ros. Audrye Sessions on myspace | on last.fm

You know when you see a new band with that “green” kind of feel, but you sense they’re gonna go far? I remember seeing Autolux at a gig at the Derby back when Scott Sterling was booking it, in like early 2001, and I had the same feeling. I’d suggest keeping your eyes on them. Besides, you can’t argue with the words FREE SHOW.

The indie rock still lives…win tix to Autolux & Delta Spirit.

I’m about as heartbroken as I’ve ever been (and man, that is some serious heartbreak) about Indie 103.1’s demise, but, well, I still have these tickets to give away. I’m too bummed to get all huckstery and clever to sell ’em, so really, if you want ’em, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about (R.I.P.) Indie 103.1 and I’ll get back to a few winners.

Autolux with Wooden Ships at the Fonda, 1/17
and we still have tix to The Delta Spirit with Everest at the El Rey, 1/16.

Represent, indie rock lovers.