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Call to Artists – Opportunity to share and sell your work

Art Walk Post Card. Click to embiggen
Art Walk Post Card. Click to embiggen

Monrovia Association has two opportunities to show and sell your art work.  The fees are nominal and often you far exceed in sales what your display fee was.  Its a cost effective way to promote your work to potential collectors and start a following.  Covering costs is always a good thing.

ART WALK This annual event was condensed to one night of showing and selling excitement on July 25.  The artists are lined up on the 400 block of South Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia.  This is the same block as the theatre and you capture that crowd as well as those from the local restaurant scene.  (Monrovia has quite the large sidewalk cafe scene going which in itself can be a reason to visit).

If interested in the Art Walk please contact the coordinator Bill Hyatt at [email protected] for all the details on this fun event.

CELEBRATE THE ARTS This year marks the 52nd year of this annual event. IT will be held the weekend of September 26-27 in Library Park in historic Old Town Monrovia. Celebrate the Arts is a Juried Fine Art event that doesn’t permit bead stringers and folk arts.  This annual event is well supported  and attended by the community and surrounding area.  There are numerous artists and community organizations that in this show each year.  Adding to the traffic this year is the first ever ChalkFest featuring several chalk street artists competing for prizes.

Celebrate the Arts Poster, click to embiggen
Celebrate the Arts Poster, click to embiggen

For more information on Celebrate the Arts contact the coordinator Christine Geltz at [email protected] for all the details and an application.

Please follow us on twitter and facebook for all the most current news and updates on events.

*disclosure, I’m on the Board of Directors of the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts and serve as Jury Coordinator.


LA Art Walk tonight in Gallery Row

LA Center for Digital Art “Snap to Grid” show premiere reception tonight.


"abandoned railcar" by frazgo, embiggen with a click
"abandoned rail car" by frazgo, embiggen with a click

I wrote about the Snap to Grid show a few weeks ago.  It is by far one of my most favorite arty events that takes place in LA. Simply because it is all comers shown and you get this overwhelming energy from the art and artists enjoying it all.  Yes, I tossed in a piece as well for the show.  This isn’t shameless self promotion…its not for sale and there purely for the enjoyment of others.  


The LA Arts District Art Walk is always the second Thursday of the month.  They have their own web page with all the details you could ever want on that topic.

DETAILS: October 9, 7-9PM,  LA Center for Digital Art 107 West 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013

My final comment, indulge the senses for free here then follow Chal’s advice and find an issue this election and donate to a cause you believe in.