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ICME : Disco Pinto

Disco Pinto click to embiggen

I’m a huge fan of art cars.  Its like the anit-HOA thingy, its about not staying in the lines and making a statement.  I’ve heard of the “Disco Pinto” running around here for a while. I actually spotted it behind the Orange Curtain earlier this morning at a car show.  I give it my “Best of Show” award at the Fabulous Fords Forever show that is running down there this afternoon.  Anyone else seen this car?  If not what is your favorite “art car” out there?

Red Hat Lady meets Yoda

Red Hat Lady meets Yoda with the help of Obiwan
Red Hat Lady meets Yoda with the help of Obiwan

The Route 66 Parade and car show was Duarte’s big deal event.  The car show and park were a bust, barely two dozen cars and tent upon tent of bargain basement “crap show” merchandise stuffed into the park.  Sorry metblog readers, it hasn’t been like that the last few years and had I known the changes I would not have put this up as an event worth seeing.  I’m not a fan of the changes and won’t be going back.

However, the day was not a total loss as the Obi Wan art car was interesting.  Outside of CA most states won’t let you get away with gluing on tons of stuff onto your car and making it into an “art car”.  Something to do with not having an annual safety inspection is the likely culprit why people get to run amok with their art car projects.  This one drew a crowd.  My favorite was the Red Hat Lady and her interactions with the various star wars characters who ventured out from under their blue tent.

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