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Abigail’s Story

FlowerThis is Abigail, a one year old Pit Bull mix who became the victim of shocking, barbaric abuse when she was inexplicably set on fire. Abigail was brought to the Lancaster Shelter where Karma Rescue heard of her tragic story. Karma immediately transported Abigail to a local animal hospital where she received intensive care for her injuries including second and third degree burns throughout her body.

It has been a long road to recovery. Abigail has had multiple surgeries requiring skin grafts, but she is going to make it, thanks to the generous care and support of Karma Rescue’s donors and volunteers.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this heinous crime were never caught, Continue reading Abigail’s Story

District Attorney Will Not Prosecute Owner After Dog Nearly Dragged To Death

Bluebell was nearly dragged to death in December, but that is clearly not enough for the LA District Attorney’s office to press charges against the dog’s former owner, Bryana Wilson.

Workers at the Southeast Area Animal Care Agency (SEAACA) were stunned when they saw Bluebell choking and bleeding as she was dragged on a chain behind a truck pulling into the shelter’s parking lot.Bluebell

The owner of the dog, Bryana Wilson of Norwalk was bringing the then one year old, “Prada” to the animal shelter to be killed because of an undiagnosed skin problem, which turned out to be an easily curable case of mange.

Wilson put the dog in the back of an open pick up truck, tied her to the truck bed with a leash and, at some point during the drive, the dog fell out of the truck (or jumped out of the truck as the owner claimed) and was dragged for blocks. Meanwhile, a horrified motorist was screaming, waving and honking for the owner to pull over but Wilson didn’t notice.

It wasn’t until Wilson was met with a very upset crowd of at least 15 people that she realized what had happened. When Wilson got to the shelter, the bloody dog had lost consciousness after being nearly dragged to death. SEAACA cited the owner and took custody of the dog to provide veterinary care.

Now the Cat and Dog Rescue Association has learned that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will not be pressing charges against the owner. Continue reading District Attorney Will Not Prosecute Owner After Dog Nearly Dragged To Death