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Big Ol’ Jet Airliner Landing at LAX Tomorrow

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Chennessey, The Emirates flight will land at 9:20am on one of the south runways and depart LAX at approximately 11:00am for a tour of the LA skies, land at 12:30 then sleep over, departing tomorrow at 8am for NY.a380-800-6604_tcm233-248222.jpg Tomorrow (August 5) Emirates Airlines will be landing it’s Airbus A380 on one of the two south runways at LAX.  I’ve heard conflicting landing times.  Someone at the airport offices told me 9am, the woman at the Emirates 800 # told me 1pm.  This makes planning a viewing trip rather tricky!  If anyone knows more precise info, please comment.In case you don’t see the plane tomorrow, don’t worry.Qantas will be making regular A380 flights from LAX to Sydney and Melbourne starting in October, so the bubbleheaded behemoth will soon be a regular feature in Los Angeles. Emirates will begin direct flights from LAX to Dubai in October as well, but using their new Boeing 777s.  (Flight time only 16.5 hours!)To see video of the Airbus that landed in Los Angeles in March 2007, fly through the break. Continue reading Big Ol’ Jet Airliner Landing at LAX Tomorrow