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Prop 8 ruling expected as soon as tomorrow

As the 90-day period for California’s State Supreme Court to rule on anti-same-sex marriage Proposition 8 draws to a close on June 3rd, an announcement of its decision is expected as soon as tomorrow. The court normally releases judgments on Mondays and Thursdays.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, here’s the new ad from the so-called National Organization for Marriage that’s running in New Hampshire, which just passed a same-sex marriage bill in its legislature and awaits the governor’s signature.

[UPDATE: Daily Kos just posted that the New Hampshire House has voted against the state senate’s amendment to the same-sex marriage bill, which consisted of changes insisted upon by Democratic Governor John Lynch to protect so-called “religious rights.” The bill is likely to be considered dead for the rest of the legislative session.]

I know it’s not the intention of NOM, but to me it shows how easy it would be to teach children about fairness and equality. Of course, the anti-gay crowd shudders at the very thought of it. Confused indeed, and maybe a little uncomfortable about teaching bigotry to young, trusting minds.


NOM’s last high profile ad, “Gathering Storm,” met with a deluge of mocking parody ads on Youtube. I can’t wait for the responses to this one.

Trump cuts Miss California a break, since she’s so pretty

So Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who recently got a call from Satan while on television before millions of viewers, will be allowed to keep her crown and continue to represent the Golden State as a good will ambassador around the country, or to at least to those who will have her.

All thanks to Miss USA pageant-owner Donald Trump, who said since she’s pretty it doesn’t matter that she broke pageant rules by not disclosing that she posed for nude photographs, let alone made an ad  for a political organization (another pageant no-no) seeking to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples.

I don’t mind the ham-fisted way she stated her views. She seemed to be saying she thinks same-sex marriage is wrong according to the version of religion that she subscribes to, but there are places where it’s legal and that’s okay with her. I’m cutting her a big break because I assumed she was saying she wasn’t trying to press her views on other people and force them to live accordingly.

But by then choosing to work for the so called National Organization for Marriage, a group  founded on the principals of open hostility to gay people, it makes her seem like either an impressionable dumb-ass, or a media whore clamoring for any attention she can get, or a bigot.  Or all three, which I now suspect is the case.

perezhiltonI never thought I would utter these words, but THANK YOU PEREZ HILTON. Celebrity “journalism” has never held any interest for me, but I guess it sure came in handy here. (He asked Prejean her views on same-sex marriage during the pageant, eliciting her response that started a media tsunami.)

As I think back on the handful of times I noticed the gay boy with the spikey blue hair pecking away at his laptop at the Coffee Bean on Sunset and Hayworth a few years ago, not realizing it was Hilton (nee Mario Armando Lavandeira) building his power base in the online gossip world, I now smile at the political and social purpose he has embraced.

I read somewhere recently how time is the enemy of bigotry. As older people who cling to antiquated social values die off, successively enlightened younger generations will take their place– a gross oversimplification. Carrie Prejean is 21; Perez Hilton is 31.

Photo: Eric from Irvine; Creative Commons Lic.

Win Tix to Pepper, Shwayze & more at Club Nokia 1/29

Hawaiian dacenhall-punk-poppers Pepper bring their dance-inducing bubble-hop-rasta to  Club Nokia in downtown LA. Along with hybrids Shwayze, who graft turntablism, hip-hop & singer-songwriter styles together, this should be a great show, supported by The Supervillians and Passafire. People who always say “I like all kinds of music. Except country,” will prolly really enjoy this one.

Want in? Tell me what you think the most bizarre musical style-blend could be: klezmer with New Wave? Cumbia with Tuvan throat singing? Opera and hyphy? We’ll pick a couple winners to go rock out at the show.

Your stories are LA’s stories

We at metblogs can’t cover the fire like TV can, but we do one thing that I think we do better than almost anyone, and that’s sharing personal stories about what it’s like to live in LA.

And right now, it’s a little scary to live in LA.
I want to open Metblogs LA up to your stories:
If you have a story of gratitude towards firefighters, neighbors, or family;
if you want to share what your experience has been like;
if you have a message to get out;
if you’d like to ask for support;
if you’re seeking legal/insurance advice;
–and I personally am seeking stories about how we can help (do the shelters need food, water, or toilet paper? do the fire stations need food or gatorade for firefighters? what can we DO?)

–please send anything you’d like to share with the community to metblogsfirestories (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’ll be posting them all in some sort of wiki or a new little blog dedicated for this purpose. I reserve the right to edit them for language (although as I’m sure you’ve all gathered, I don’t have much of a problem with foul language), for spelling, and for clarity.

You can also e-mail your photos to that account as well. I’m sure we can do video too (please use a file-sending website like yousendit.com, don’t email the video file directly). I’m working on building a container for all your info now.

Get your sexual depravity on

Rick Castro’s second monthly Fetish Film Nights is this Friday evening at the Egyptian Theater– but this time, due to the overflow crowd last month for the first FFN in the small Spielberg Theater, he’s moving into the 616-seat Rigler Theater for a screening of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s raunchy classic, Salo, 120 Days of Sodom.

Be prepared, Salo is not for the squeamish or the weak of heart as it tours with cold, in-your-face precision through a deluge  of sexual and psychological atrocities rained upon a group of young men and women held hostage in a stunning villa by a group of depraved nobles at the end of WWII. Think sumptuous locales, haute couture costume design and complete sexual madness and kinky abandon.

Castro, owner and curator of Antebellum Gallery, the fetish art emporium on Las Palmas around the corner from the Egyptian, will lead a discussion after the film.

Last month’s Fetish Film Nights screening of Maitresse saw a spirited talk about BDSM culture. This Friday will probably play along the same lines, like another titillating night out at the movies. Bring a date– or even find one there.

Salo, 120 Days of Sodom;  Friday Oct. 17th, 7:30 PM; at the Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas, Los Angeles 90028

Win Tix to Black Kids with The Virgins at the Mayan!

Yep, it’s that time again! No, not “time for arsonists to burn our city down,” I mean time for Goldenvoice tickets! Yay! Lost your home? Had to evacuate? Worried about your pets? Hey, no worries, little buckaroo! Chin up! Get in a good mood with tix to this show! Hooray! See, gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!

/angry snark

That aside, yes, I do have tickets for you. Just enter into the comments your fave song by either The Virgins or the Black Kids, and we’ll see about hooking you up. Tickets can be had here if you’d rather buy ’em.

Republicans exist in LA County

Yes, Virgina, Jorge, Abdul and other Los Angelenos out there who didn’t know, the Republican Party is alive and well in LA County.  If you are interested in making your donation and purchasing your McCain bumper stickers, yard signs or make a donation Monrovia City Watch has all the details on where to get your supplies at the Monrovia Family Festival held each Friday Night in Old Town Monrovia.

Huell Howser and Aaron Proctor do lunch…

Aaron Proctor the self proclaimed “most electrifying person in Pasadena” has been on a roll.  After he got his butt whooped in the  mayoral election he never stopped writing. He took a job in accounting for the Pasadena Weekly to pay the bills but the blog writing kept going.

On his blog he is an equal opportunity lampooner.  No one is safe, he questions all and puts his own twist on it.  He started an interview series on his blog.  Even those he has lampooned participated.  No matter what he digs into you can count on it being irreverent tear into the issues.  Some say profane, most say it is funny and wonder how he doesn’t get shut down.   (Actually one blogger in the SGV uses his blog as the reason to tirade the ‘net needs to be regulated).

His boss at the PW, and cohort Andre Coleman liked what they had read.  They gave Aaron a chance to do a small column called “5 questions” for the PW.  Among his first interviews was The 99 Cent Chef who you’ve also seen Here.  His style in print is tamer but still funny.  Funny enough that he’s now going to get a weekly column.

Huell Howser is his first full feature interview.  Aaron met with him for lunch the other day for the first of his interview series.  Aaron’s own post about the meeting with Huell, is very understated which is unusual for an “Adventures of Aaron Proctor” entry.  Yes Aaron, Huell Howser is a really nice guy, I have crossed his path a few times over the years at KCET pledge nights and at a party at the Aztec where his interview with the owner there premiered. He is about a nice a guy as any you’ll ever meet.  Nice to see he even tamed Aaaron for a short while!

The full interview will run in next weeks Pasadena Weekly.  Grab a copy if you are in the SGV/Glendale areas and find out how the nicest guy in LA fared with the most electrifying.  Here’s a hint, Aaron described meeting: “…not many things put The Proc in a great mood. Some of the best and most enriching 90+ minutes of my life I’ve ever experienced.

The pic is used with permission of Aaron Proctor. It is Andre Coleman on the left, Huell Howser in the middle and the Proc himself in the loud blue Hawaiian shirt.

Today’s Parking Tard of the Day found at the Observatory

Picture it, a beautiful day to be up at the Griffith Park Observatory, parking is getting really tight and people have to start parking down the hill.   You see old folks strugging to get up the hill with the walkers, mom types with the same struggle with strollers.

You round the corner and spot this ‘tard with his/her obese-mobile SUV parking conveniently in 2, count them TWO, compact car parking spaces.  Charming. 

Rather than wish a pox upon it with running out of gas in the Cahuenga Pass, I’d rather see a swarm of preschoolers with keys and rakes visit the side as far as they can reach.  Total Tardship like that deserves an appropriate reward.  (That’s sarcasm folks, not that I would ever advocate actually physically damaging someones property no matter how big an assholian they are).

Pic by me.