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New Loteria Grill Now Open in Hollywood

Are you like me?  Do you like the Loteria Grill at the Farmers Market but wish they had a second location where you could get your drink on?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had this wish for years.  Sure, I could order at Loteria and then get a beer from the bar that is 10 feet away but I’m incredibly lazy and I like one stop shopping, or in this case, one stop eating and drinking.  So short of margarita flask (it’s hard to get the lime in) I’ve been out of luck when it comes to getting a drink with my Sunday morning huevos rancheros in one smooth transaction.

Good news everyone, the always awesome Eater LA reports that my dream of more convenient drinks has come true:  The long awaited second Loteria Grill is now open for business and this one is serving alcohol.

You’ll find the new Loteria at 6227 Hollywood Blvd, just west of Cherokee.   For those of you keeping score at home, they’ll be open until 3 am on the weekends.  Now you’ll have somewhere to go after stumbling out of Boardner’s.