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Get Ready for “Carmageddon II: The Rampocalypse”

Both ways
You won't know if you're coming or going

Last summer’s blockbuster Carmageddon was such a smash hit, we’re bringing you the sequel. That’s right, fasten your seat belts for the ride of your lives. On June 22, Carmageddon II: The Rampocalypse comes to a 405 near you. In a world where L.A. area road construction causes widespread panic, “Carmageddon II” will blow your doors off!

We’ll destroy and then rebuild all the Wilshire Blvd. ramps connecting to the 405! We’ll take a year to do it! We’ll have Ramp Jam 2012, and it’s all in 3-D!

Get your tickets now!

Sometimes it Starts With a Facebook Page

Valley-Westside Rail
You Should Like This

Before The Event That Never Was, I wrote about the need for a rail line along the 405 corridor. I exchanged a few emails with Bart Reed of the Transit Coalition, who shared some insight as to how to get such an important piece of the transit puzzle off the ground (or rather, under.) He said they have been in talks with Los Angeles Council Districts 6 and 11, and that they would begin promoting through social media sites.

The Valley-Westside Rail project is now up on Facebook. You should like it.

I asked Bart how people could get more involved. He said that we need to start by garnering support from neighborhood councils. So, that’s where I began, with a few emails of my own:

This past weekend, the closure of the 405 and the media attention it received resulted in a ripple effect on the entire freeway system. Drivers got lucky. Businesses did not. This further illustrates the need for viable transportation alternatives. Specifically, a more comprehensive regional rail network.

As a contributing author for Blogging.LA, I wanted to get your input on a newly envisioned Metro rail line from the Valley to the Westside, by way of the 405 corridor.

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Countdown to #Carmageddon2011

As you may already have heard, the 405 freeway will be shut down between the 10 and the 101 on July 16 and 17.  The MTA is so excited about this closure that it has given us a fabulous “I-405: Countdown to the Closure” clock that tells us exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds we have until Carmageddon 2011.  When you’re not watching the seconds of your life flipping past your very eyes, check out the information on the closure, alternate routes, and general advice from officials to just stay away from the Westside (as if you needed a reason) (oh, snap) during that weekend.

Countdown to Carmageddon

Road Closed
This sign will soon be on the 405

Get ready, L.A. LADOT and other area transportation agencies are putting out the word in advance that a busy stretch of the 405 Freeway will be shut down for the entire weekend of July 16-17. The 405 closure includes the Northbound 10-mile segment between the 10 and the 101, and a 4-mile Southbound 405 segment between the 101 and Getty Center Drive. According to LADOT’s announcement (click on “I-405 Closure” link in yellow box on upper left of above linked page), if motorists “do not have a critical need to be in or near the vicinity of the closure, they are being asked to avoid the area.” The announcement does, however, contain alternate route information.

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64 Worst: The 405 Freeway vs. The L.A. River


Which is Worse: The 405 Freeway or the L.A. River?

The 405 and the L.A. River are both Los Angeles landmarks for all the wrong reasons. They are both made of concrete. They are both hostile and uninviting. They both crawl at the speed of nothing. One, we keep trying to widen. The other, we pretend isn’t there. The 405 is always full. The L.A. River, usually empty. They are the neighbor’s twins that act nothing alike, yet, you hate them both. And they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

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Photo of the L.A. River from mike_1630’s photostream