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Found on Road Alive: 1975 Thunderbird

LA is the land that rust forgot.  Back in the day the air was bad enough to rot the rubber and vinyl off a car, but the rust never got to it and this 1975 ‘Bird illustrates it well.

I spotted this running example of the biggest T-bird ever built over this last weekend.  Powered by a huge 460 (7.5L) V8 and weighed in at over 5,000 lbs, gulping unleaded at a rate that was single digits at best and still sold wellish until the cost of gas started spiking to near a buck a gallon.  It was Fords biggest and best luxury offering in its time.  Subsequent generations of the T-bird shrunk in size with the last generation being the closest to the original 2 seater when the line was launched in 1955.

Pics by me with the ever present cell phone.