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Kofie’One’s Vintage Futurism Art Exhibition Opening 2/28/09

Kofie'One Vintage Futurism Studio View
Kofie'One Vintage Futurism Studio View

A solo exhibition by Echo Park based graffiti artist Kofie’One is opening this Saturday, February 28th at 01 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles with an all ages reception from 7-10pm. Vintage Futurism will feature recent paper, wood, and canvas works from the prolific artist.

From the 01 Gallery page:

From his early 90’s exploits in West Los Angeles graffiti, Kofie One has determined a self-made artistic education upon graffiti art that now brings an iconic structure and fluid manner to all that Kofie One sees, hears, and feels about his life and love in and for Los Angeles. His artistic movement from the walls of L.A. streets to the precision of drafting on paper, results in a fine art esthetic that embodies, wrestles, and engages, all that is of formal art and “traditional” graffiti art.

Kofie’One created a one hour “eclectic ‘out there’ jazz” soundtrack mixto compliment the show, which is available for download via dublab.

Vintage Futurism runs February 28-March 29, 2009. 01 Gallery is located at 530 South Hewitt Street #141.