Photographer Clayton Cubitt does LA

Brooklyn-based photographer Clayton Cubitt was in town a couple of weeks ago for the launch of Surface Magazine‘s “Avant Guardians” special issue — in which he was featured as one of America’s top rising photographic talents. While he was in LA, he shot a series of portraits of me at a super-cheesy Hollywood location. Here they are. I’m a huge fan of his work — I love, love, love what he accomplishes with simple, artful use of gels. Bow down. He’ll be participating in the SENT phonecam art exhibit I’m co-curating at sixspace with Blogging.LA contributors Sean Bonner and Caryn Coleman, btw. I can’t wait to see what he does with ultra-lo-res. Link

spotted! requisite celebrity gossip

The following takes place between 1 AM and 2 AM…

A certain very young male regular character on Fox’s hit show 24 was partying with friends and crew members at a La Cienega bar last Friday.

After streaking through the bar with his pants pulled down he found himself outside the bar and unable to speak coherently. As this star gestured wildly at his cell phone and mumbled mono-syllabic sounds a crew member assured he would not be driving.

Some art shows this weekend

Souther Salazar at GR2 opens on Saturday the 6th from 6:30 – 10 pm. This young artist is worth checking out. Plus Giant Robot openings are always a good time.

-Arts & Books Gallery (4166 Santa Monica Blvd) has an opening reception on Friday the 5th from 6-10 pm for Nelson M. Castillo & “His Artistic Vision” and his exhibition of **miniature** paintings. I haven’t been to this space yet and just heard about it but they are an “art gallery with a bookstore specializing in Modern First Editions, Signed Books and Art Books.” It sounds good and, in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with art books and small paintings in one room but you never know.

-The last week for Chad Robertson’sshow at sixspace. I know it’s a shameful plug but this show is REALLY amazing and you should absolutely see it. Trust me on this. The last day of the show is December 6th…then they go home and Chad goes off to Sweden for another art show.

Speaking of Punk

Since Jason opened up the “upcoming punk rock shows” door, I thought I’d go ahead and mention that Chuck Dukowski, who was in this little band you might have heard of called Black Flag, has a new group called the Chuck Dukowski Sextet and they are playing a show this Friday, December 5 at Mr T’s Bowl (5621 1/2 Figueroa – 323.256.7561). They are playing with Fatso Jetson, Non Credo, and Joe Baiza w/ Dennis Cruz and Paul Uriaz. As much as I’d love to say all these bands rule and this thing is going to rock, honestly I’ve never heard a single one of them. I do know that Chuck is a good guy, and I doubt he’d be wrapped up in something crappy, so if you are looking for some rock on Friday, this might be your plan.

A jug of punch & a punch in the gut

Found on’s REAL Punk Rock tribe. Spelling errors left intact.

if you are in Southern California, or will be on Dec. 10th, you need to come to the Key Club in Hollywood and chear on The Tossers. its a battle of the bands type thing and they need some support. i know you have heard them, but if you dont remember you will like them… so get off your asses and spend that drug/beer money on something usefull for once. December 10th. key club. be there, sucka

The Tossers are one of my favorite bands from Chicago blending traditional Irish and Punk. If you’re an old school Pogues fan you’ll love The Tossers so get off your ass and come knock back a pint or ten with us.

thankfully not THAT Hilton

Tyler Hilton will be playing at The Mint tonight. Not only does he have a beautiful voice but he’s an incredibly nice guy too.

Yesterday he introduced himself to a group of us who were moving a friend out of her apartment. Though they had never met before he rolled up his sleeves and helped carry boxes and furniture out to the truck.

You can check out his touring schedule here, he has several other appearances scheduled this month in Los Angeles.

This is My Home

Jason and Sean asked if they could use my home for their top graphic on the project. I agreed, but only if they’d give me my own subdomain. So, there it is – freshly painted blue last week (to match the drapes). You might think it’s a dump, but one man’s trash receptacle is another man’s apartment. And the best part is: I pay thousands of dollars every month for such a prime location. The curb appeal is amazing!

A little intro

Well…I think this blogging la thing is going to be pretty great and I’m psyched to be a part of it. As some of you will know, my posts will focus on the arts in Los Angeles. The art scene in Los Angeles is really bubbling right now with so many fantastic galleries, artists, and curators doing some pretty amazing things. It’s a scene that I’m proud to be a part of and make contributions to. Some people feel that LA will take over the role of THE influential art city, especially after the loss of interest of YBAs in London. Whether that’s true or not, we shall see but, in the meantime, I’m excited by this opportunity to discuss movements, events, and my own personal thoughts.

There’s obviously more to come…

Welcome to

Hi, I’m Sean. I few months back I had an idea. I sat on it and did nothing. Then I met Jason. Turns out a few months back he had an idea too. We got coffee, vomited ideas back and forth, and went to work. 2 weeks and 50 bazillion IM’s later, is born.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of bloggers to dish out the scoop on what’s happening here in LA, and that’s basically the only rule. Stuff on this site will be somehow LA related, but other than that, it’s pretty wide open. Events will be hyped and shit will be talked. The writers all have varying specialties and interests, some of them you might know from their own blogs, others might be new to you. Take a look around, see who’s who, and what’s what. Over the next few days everyone should chime in and say “hi” so keep checking back, it’s going to be fun.


Ok, so this is my first post on our new group blog dedicated to all things Los Angeles. I have wanted to do this project for about 6 months now but it wasn’t until I hooked up with Sean Bonner, who had the same ideas on to how to do it, that I got my ass into gear. So over the course of the past week we nabbed a few minutes here and there and here ya go! It’s still a work in progress and we’ll be building out cool new stuff as we go. My particular view of LA comes in the form of photography and rants on the absurdities of living in such a bizzare city. We’ve gathered a great crew here and will be adding to it in the next few weeks so check back for more!

Lizard people dude. Seriously.