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Murder On Marathon

My inbox Wednesday held an email from someone otherwise unidentified save for the “silverlakenews” in the sender’s address. The message within included a link to an April 4 story on headlined “Man Shot And Killed After Opening Front Door.”

The sum of the short article is as follows:

(CBS) SILVER LAKE, Calif. A man was fatally shot when he opened the front door of his home in the Silver Lake area after hearing noises in his yard, police said Tuesday.

The man died at a hospital of a gunshot wound he suffered about 8:20 Monday night in the 3900 block of West Marathon Street, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

Authorities withheld the man’s name, pending notification of his relatives.

According to police, the victim was sitting in his living room when he heard noises outside. When he opened his front door to investigate, he was shot once in the face.

Detectives were unsure of a motive for the crime, which apparently involved two male suspects. No arrests were reported.

Since a hospital transport was involved, I immediately clicked over to the indispensable LAFD News & Information blog to see if LAFD Spokesman Brian Humphrey, its equally indispensable primary contributor, had posted anything about it… but found nothing there. So I emailed him directly and received a speedy reply back saying he was out of the office and would look into it as soon as he returned. So in the meantime, I detoured from my plan of poachin’ more ‘quats and took a walk over there yesterday to see what I could see.


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It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas


While I mini-mourn the passing of the Prasadam eatery up the street, let me give a shout out to the newest kid on the Sunset Junction block: Lovecraft Biofuels, which opened up recently in that long-vacant corner on Sanborn across from the El Polo Loco and the Circus of Books.

At first glance a few weeks ago, I saw the platoon of Mercedes sedans occupying the lot and was a bit crestfallen at what I figured was just another auto mechanic — or worse: used car lot. Especially when considering that the neighboring and now-gone Silver Lake Guitar Shop is now a T-Mobile outlet… pfffft.

But driving by this afternoon, the previously nondescript and unadorned place is now sporting signage, although not nearly as much as in the above photoshopped image borrowed from their website, which also explains the bevy of Benz’s:

“Lovecraft Biofuels can convert your diesel powered vehicle to run on 100% vegetable oil (new or waste), biodiesel, and/or regular diesel, in any combination. We specialize in Mercedes Benz, but can also convert Ford, Cummins and other diesels. Don’t have a diesel? We keep an inventory of Mercedes diesels for sale, already converted, and ready to go.”

Now that’s the kind of business I like to see in the Junction.

Nothing Going On But The Rent

Found this otherwise festive looking sign in the door of the seemingly popular and pretty much well-received Prasadam Restaurant in the heart of Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction as I walked past this morning:


Why gone bye-bye? Well, below it was posted a standard “pay or quit” notice dated April 5 from the property owners notifying the restaurant’s proprietors that they were delinquent with April’s $1,350 rent and had three days to put up or get out.

Guess Prasadam’s peeps opted for the latter.

Local Zoning – How to Get Involved

TOTALLY cannibalized from an email I got:

If you haven’t already heard about it, Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s office sent out this invitation for the April 6th Fourth Council District Community Congress on Land Use and Planning, featuring a keynote by Gail Goldberg, Director of Los Angeles City Planning. “Ms. Goldberg will discuss her vision for Los Angeles and her prior experience in San Diego encouraging villages within the bigger city. Outgoing Interim Director Mark Winogrond will also make remarks.” RCV supporters are encouraged to attend, and learn more about zoning and potential development in our neighborhood. You can download the invite HERE. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Zoo, Witherbee Foundation Auditorium. Light dinner will be served from 5:30-6:30, with the program to follow. RSVP to (213) 978-2616.

You can take a look at the proposed zoning changes for CD4 HERE or on the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council website.

There’s a bit of upzoning, a bit of downzoning, and a bit of “other type of change” specifically for the Rowena Corridor and Hyperion. Please take this opportunity to get involved, get informed, and have an impact on the future of your community. All are welcome to attend.

Silver Lake Wine – Blue Monday


Last week I went to Silver Lake Wine for the first time. As per my usual self, I had been wanting to go there ever since they opened but, yeah, I get lazy. After the urging of some friends combined with a dinner party where I concluded that a pink sparkling wine was a must, I paid my first visit. I had heard that SLW folk were friendly and very knowledgeable about wine and my experience was more than pleasant. After telling them what I needed (dry Cabernet – $13) and sparkling wine ($28), I got exactly what I wanted and my taste buds were thanking me later. I can’t wait to go back!

To familiarize yourself with wine because if you’re like me, you like to drink it but it doesn’t go much beyond that, Silver Lake Wine has a variety of tastings throughout the week. And, as luck would have it, there’s one tonight…

April 3rd from 5-9 pm
$12 per person (includes wine with cheese from the “Cheese Store of Silverlake”)
No reservations required

Featured Wines are :
Montecastelli Bianco// Tuscany 2004
Madigan Cabernet Sauvignon//Napa 2003
Hare’s Chase Red Blend//Barossa 2004

Silver Lake Wine
:: 2395 Glendale Blvd

Caroline loves Trader Joes

When I first moved to LA I heard nothing but amazing things about Trader Joes. First time I went I was blown away. And the next and the next. Caroline (who may or may not be on crack) was throwing a last-minute dinner party and TJ’s saved her:

“I’m going to tell you something that as Angelenos you probably already know: Trader Joe’s is a great place to go if you’re throwing a last-minute dinner party, either for a date you want to impress or just some friends you want over to keep you company on a rainy night. They’ve got everything from the cheese plate to oven-baked entrees to ready-to-serve desserts to flowers and candles to a great wine selection.”

So yeah, anyway I was all impressed and shit and then I moved to Silverlake. I was psyched about the fact that there was a TJ’s a few blocks from my house. That was until I tried to go there and noticed there’s about 4 parking spots for the entire place. OK, maybe there’s more than 4, but no many. I’ve spent hours trying to park there -I’ve probably 3 times as much time trying to park as I have actually in the store. It’s a complete nightmare to the point that I won’t even try to go there anymore. If I’m out around town and have time when I’m near one of the other locations then I’m psyched to stop in and get 6 or 7 bags of amazing food for under $20 but the hassle at the lot in Silverlake just isn’t worth it. I don’t really have a point to this post, just wanted to rant for a moment. You can go back to whatever it was you were doing now.

Not just for old folks!


Whatever your age, here’s a chance to be a part of something really cool and important that is LA through and through.

Growing Old in East LA is an audio portrait created and produced by David Greenberger (of Duplex Planet fame).

condensed from their website:

… a multiyear initiative to uncover the personal and community stories that create a portrait of contemporary California. Framed by author and narrator Greenberger, the stories reveal not so much the parts elderly Mexican-American residents of East Los Angeles have played in the history of the state, but the part history plays in their personal narratives. Louie Perez and David Hidalgo, Grammy-award winning members of Los Lobos, created the emotionally evocative soundtrack.

Of course, at this point I’m going to ask you to get out your wallet – they are running low on funds and are seeking (tax deductible) contributions to complete this project.

Contributions go to

Atlantic Public Media/GOELA

Mail to

Atlantic Public Media
3 Water Street
PO BOX 445
Woods Hole MA 02543

Here’s their whole statement –
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Terminator in my backyard

So I’m here trying to have a nice dinner with some friends and what a delight, we have the local ghetto bird aka the LAPD Helicopters doing fly bys. I suppose that some criminal has run off into the canyon to hide. And that makes my living situation all the more terminator futuristic. Thanks for the ambience, LAPD! I love living in the future!

Update: I just went outside and was accosted by 3 police guys, who told me that there is some guy running around the neighborhood with a gun. Oh, to live in such excitement!

The Downfall of Edendale Station Post Office

I read tammara’s article about how quick her post office at Hollywood and Highland is. No lines. I thought to myself, “If only that were true for me too…” Sadly its not, as my local postal joint is Edendale Station at the intersection of Glendale and Alvarado Blvds, which is walking distance from my house.

I have been going there a couple times weekly for the past year and a half to ship books that I have sold on the interwebs, and for the majority of that time things have been pretty efficient, and relatively short lines. Those were the good days…
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Agroculture: Putting The Ass In Grass

pampas.jpgThe proper common name for the popular plant pictured at right is pampas grass, but I like to call it pompous grass. I also like to moan and groan about what it truly is: dastardly invasive.

Sure it’s eye-catching and its tall plumage can bring dramatic flair to cosmetically-enhanced landscapes such as the one at this home that I passed by this morning up near the summit of Mount Maltman south of Sunset in Silver Lake, but the owner of this property and anyone else out there who’s allowed this malignant South American space invader to be planted is doing a horticultural injustice to the indigenous plant life, which is a nice way of saying they suck.

Pampas grass may not be as prevalent around the hills and dales of the eastside as another aggressive colonizer/displacer known as North African fountain grass (disclosure: there’s a stand of that stuff in our front yard, which I’ve so-far been unsuccessful in trying to talk my wife into letting me remove), but I invite you to take a look around the coastal bluffs and cliffsides next time you might be heading up or down any extended stretch of PCH or Highway 1. The place is lousy with the pampas grass, and what’s most disturbing is that it’s taken over io thoroughly in only the last couple decades ‚Äî primarily because people plop it into their yards without concern for its success at spreading.

There are stacks of websites out there promoting pampas and fountain grasses for their ornamental properties and drought resistance with nary even a mention that the suckers could practically colonize the moon. Since they’re not illegal or restricted around here, there’s nothing to keep your uninformed or unconcerned neighbor from planting some and subsequently sending them your way sooner or later.