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Is American Apparel’s Dov Charney the new Larry Flynt?

dovchaney.jpgOn Friday night Dateline NBC aired a story focusing on harrassment charges against the CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney (pictured). NBC says that a number of different employees in different cities contend that Dov was constantly looking for employees to have sex with, and commonly used inappropriate language.

More interesting than the debatable charges against him are the actions and opinions he openly refers to that constantly remind me of quotables from “The People vs. Larry Flynt”. For example:

I frequently drop my pants to show people my new product.

I’m not saying I want to screw all the girls at work… but if I fall in love at work it’s going to be beautiful and sexual.

When asked about his view of sexual rendevouz by employees during work hours, Dov gives a nod of approval so long as the participants are on break:

if it’s if no one could see them and or there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, I’m not going to run rush in like some Nazi and tell them to stop having consensual activities.

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IAAL/MAF Goes East


For those keeping track, the IAAl/MAF is growing stronger by the day. Since shifting our Thursday evening rides to an 8pm start time, we’ve been able to fit into more people’s schedules. In fact we had 10 people on last nights ride through downtown, east LA, and Vernon making it the biggest one yet. Highlights can be shown with any one of the awesome photos that Mack Reed took including the one above. We saw some really great Madonnas, crazy factories, and some of the really cool places downtown. We also had rifles pointed at us from rooftops, and baseball bats shook at us from street corners, but wisely don’t have photos of that. Nothing to worry about though, once people saw we were offical, we were welcomed with open arms. Or at least not fired upon.

UPDATE: Mack has a much better and more detailed write up over on LAVoice.



Want more walking with perhaps a little more obvious entertainment? Never one to hate on a pun, NocTOURnals, the downtown walking tour along Grand Avenue, starts this Saturday (July 22) and continues on July 29, August 5, and August 12. They say it’s “the perfect chance to explore the architecture and culture of Downtown LA” – just don’t go on 4th and Los Angeles Street. Apparently parking is being made easy (their site has details and so does the image in this post) and there’s a lot of free or inexpensive activities:

Museum of Contemporary Art
-Open late: 6pm – Midnight
-On view: Robert Rauschenberg – Combines, DJs, art making, and gallery tours
* FREE for MOCA Members, $8 General, $5 Students/Seniors

Music Center
-Open: 10pm – Midnight
-Moonlight tours of the Walt Disney Concert Hall Urban Garden, sponsored by Estate Gardens by ValleyCrest (reservations recommended 213.972.4311)

Open: Lounge open until Midnight
On view: Andrea Bowers: Nothing is Neutral
* FREE gallery exhibit – $18 NOW Fest performances (check website for details)

Grand Performances
Open: 8pm – 10pm
Current: A summer concert series that reflects the best of global culture among the diverse peoples of LA

Art World Poker

I have a regular poker game with some of my neighbors in the Brewery. One of the regulars is Mat Gleason, the editor of Coagula, the well-known and occasionally controversial art magazine whose headquarters are downstairs from my loft. Mat also organizes shows at the adjacent I-5 Gallery, which runs several exhibitions a year, including the biannual Brewery Artists Small Works show that occurs during the Brewery Artwalk. One night, as we were playing a particularly hyperactive round of poker, Mat came up with the idea to marry the two things he loves most – poker and ruining people’s art careers. That’s how Art World Poker was born.

The concept is simple – 60 or so artists are selected for a group show at the beginning of summer. All the participating artists play in a multi-level poker tournament against each other. As artists knock other artists out of the tournament, the show changes, because the player who gets the kill (the one who knocks someone out) gets to take over the eliminated player’s wall space. At the end of the tournament, the last remaining player is declared the winner and gets a solo show at the gallery.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second level of the Art World Poker tournament. Ten players that advanced from the first round will play tomorrow in the I-5 Gallery. Play will continue until five players have been eliminated, and then the 5 remaining will join another set of 5 in two weeks for the final table of the tournament.

I think the show and the concept are really interesting. The character of the group show changes constantly throughout the tournament as people get eliminated, and it’s fascinating to watch it evolve.

The gallery is located at 2100 North Main Street, Suite A10, in the Brewery Arts Colony. The gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays from 12-4 PM, and is open while tournament play is ongoing each Sunday from 2-7 PM. For more information, contact the organizer, Mat Gleason, at coagulaeditor AT hotmail dot com.

CD13 Can Bring It!

As many of you may or may not know, has a team entered in this year’s Lotus Festival Dragon Boat Races. We’re racing at 1pm on Saturday July 8th, and the bloggers (me, Heather, Markland and Joz, who is in the photo with Eric Garcetti at right) will be joined by Mack from LAVoice, Shannon from Sha in LA and some of our beloved readers.

However, it has come to our attention today that the Council District 13 team is talking smack about us, on orders from their leader, Eric Garcetti. He’s got his henchmen bragging about their rowing prowess on LAVoice comments. And Central City East says he hopes the CD13 team can back up their claims to the title of “Rulers of the Lake”.

However, we’ve got two factors on our side. First of all, Councilman Garcetti won’t be in his district’s boat this year to compete. But, more importantly, we have the heart and the moxie and the determination to win. I did not go to years of Girl Guide canoe camp just to get beaten in this race. We’re not racing directly against CD13 – they’re in the political competitions, and we’re in the media races – but we’ll be comparing times later on.

We’re also calling out for cheering and supporters. So for those of you not racing with us, come on out and cheer for us. We’ll be racing at 1pm on Saturday the 8th, and everyone’s welcome to join us for breakfast at the Brite Spot beforehand. We’ll be there to strategize and carb-load at 11am, in preparation for our dash across the lake.

Hey, CD13 – it’s already been brought.

Homeless Pets vs. Homeless People

homelesswoman.jpgLos Angeles taxpayers are spending almost 50% as much for pet shelters as they are for homeless shelters…

Joel John Roberts at LA’s Homeless Blog recently expressed concern that pet shelters might be receiving more funding than homeless shelters:

I certainly feel that our society should make sure homeless pets are taken care of. Even if it costs $20.2 million per year in operating costs, and an additional $150 million in funds to build “state of the art animal care centers.”

But let’s make sure we also investment much more to build “state of the art homeless care centers” and housing that homeless people can afford. The County of Los Angeles plans to fund and locate five stabilization centers throughout the region. Yet, cities and neighborhoods are balking. If these were pet centers, there would be no objection.

According to Ed Boks of LA Animal Services, they have a “$20.2 million budget serving 3.9 million residents with eight new state of the art animal care centers soon to be opened throughout the City.”

I contacted Scott Ito at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority on how this compares to LA’s budget for homeless human shelters:
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Quickie Stamps


This may not matter to many of you but to me it’s one of the best things about Los Angeles. I’ve blogged about it before but it bears repeating….

Today I was at the Del Valle Finace Post Office (near West Adams) to buy stamps. I has just left the Chinatown area which is home to another LA favorite of mine, The Framing House Design, and had to pay a visit. The whole post office experience took me five minutes – and I even wrote a check. FIVE MINUTES! There were two other cars in the lot and by the time I left (after FIVE minutes) there were none…none! And this is at 11:15 am. You can beat that with a stick. No way.

MTA Light Rail Line to Extend to the Santa Monica Pier this isn’t nearly as cool as the idea of a monorail from downtown to the beach, the MTA is planning on breaking ground on the Exposition Light Rail line some time this year which is already planned and approved to run from the Metro Center Station at 7th Street to a Washington & Culver stop in Culver City.

It now appears that the City of Santa Monica is making arrangements for the rail line to continue into their city and have purchased property to convert into a rail line station near the 3rd Street Promenade…
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Open Letter to the Construction Guys Digging Up Bodies on Grand Ave

Hey Guys-

How’s tricks? It sounds like you’ve found a few bodies over at the construction site on Grand and Cesar Chavez where you are building that new high school. And by a few I mean 80 so far, cuz, you know, it was a graveyard in the mid 1800’s or something. Is it there actually a chance that not a single one of the people involved over there has seen Poltergeist? You all might want to check that out before putting a school on that land. Really. That’s some fucked up shit.


Slayer – For me it was personal

Probably 10 years ago my man and I were friendly with a high-ranking record weasel. Thankfully, that’s long since subsided.

One day Record Boy told us that Slayer was coming to play at the Shrine, and since neither of us had ever seen them (or any of their ilk) live, we wrangled some sweet VIP action.

We arrived at the Shrine and were whisked up to the private scumbags-only balcony where we got a perfect view both of the stage and of the meatheads moshing below. The show hadn’t started yet but they were moshing to whatever music was being piped in to get them warmed up. In fact, they even kept it up in between songs, which meant you could look down at them and see them moshing to nothing.

Of course, being able to see them also meant that they were able to see us – by which I mean see me (or at least my boobs) spilling out of some extremely tight and revealing outfit.

The crowd yelled up to me and after a long exchange of yells and waving, eventually I gave them the sign of the horns – they went nuts! These were MY people, not Slayers, and I was their Goddess.

Finally that all died down, Slayer took the stage, and the Cookie Monster Rock washed over us until we were reborn in Satan. And Slayer.



Crime In L.A.? Really?’s still a few seats left for this Saturday’s downtown CrimeBus tour called “The Nightmares of Bunker Hill”.

Described by LA Weekly’s Libby Molyneaux as the “latest offering from the fun-loving, history-smitten sickos of the 1947 Project,” hosts Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak offer a 5 hour tour of the crime drenched underbelly of LA’s past. (they also offer snacks and beverages, and promise air conditioning on the bus… how else to keep the corpses fresh?)

Some of the tour’s highlights and reservation info after the jump…
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I hesitate to mention


I’ve been keeping this one a secret for a long time for fear that this will
become The New Thing, but I’m seeing all manner of coffee shop posts here and there and I just can’t keep quiet about Nick’s any longer.
Still not sure I want to reveal the exact location, but here are some snaps
of the place, and of the super-delicious Ham and Eggs breakfast they serve.
What makes the ham so great? Why, they Grow Their Own Pigs of course!

(Some would say they “raise” their own pigs, but I like it better my way.)

Nick’s is kind of like Apple Pan – it’s just a tiny place and it’s all counter, worked faithfully by Irma and usually packed with patrons. And if you’re one of them pinko commie fags what hates cops, stay the hell out because at least half the patrons at any given time are cops and it’s a long-established cop hangout. I need to check my facts but I also believe it’s owned by two retired cops.

I’ve never felt safer – or happier!

And of course, the bottom line, for three gigantic meals:

Address is – uh, maybe I’ll tell you next week.