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Ballona Creek Bikeway Closure: Or How 7 Months Becomes 39

Last July I posted about newly installed signage announcing the closure until February 2009 of the Ballona Creek Bikeway from its inland-most terminus beside McManus Park at National Boulevard to Duquesne Street in Culver City.

bcbikeWell of course that seven-month timeframe came and went and has now entered its eighth month, and seeing as the closure is tied in to continuing work on the Metro Expo Line bridge passing over the creek, it’s no surprise that section of bikeway is still off limits. At the same time I figured we might be getting close to a re-opening, mightn’t we?

Not even. Upon entering the bikeway at Duquesne for my westward creekside stretch across it to Inglewood Avenue  I found that someone presumably with the MTA had spun the deadline slot machine and the new date for the next revised closure date renewed access is (image is clickably embiggenable if required):

That’s right folks, November 2011 is apparently the next month and year we’ll be able to ride that entirely unremarkable section of the bikeway. At only 32 months beyond the eight it’s been closed already, I’d say the MTA only missed it by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much.

Tender Greens Soon To Open In West Hollywood


tendergreens1Tender Greens in Culver City is one of my all time favorite places to eat. I’m currently on a short job in CC and have been twice this week, with plans to go back again at least once next week. They mainly serve gorgeous fresh salads but you can get chicken, steak and ahi sandwiches as well. The way the place is set up, you watch them prepare your food and I noticed the people putting the salads together work hard to make the food look beautiful on your plate.

Pictured here is the Happy Vegan — a combo of four scoops of various salads: hummus, cous cous, beet/quinoa and faro, plus a large pile of greens. The soup is fresh tomato with a squirt of basil oil and croutons. Oh so yummalicious and I’m not one who’s big on tomato soup.

I started following them on twitter and found out that they are going to be opening in WeHo very very soon (within a few weeks). Hooray! Eating great food that’s good for you has never been so easy.

Culver City location:
9523 Culver Blvd., Culver City
WeHo to come:
8759 Santa Monica Blvd.

Tender Greens
Twitter = @TenderGreens

Bed Bath and Beyond Recession?

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond Budget in Culver City today to play the 20% coupon game (where you’re supposed to feel like you got a deal by using their 20% off coupons to offset their marked-up prices), and found the place surprisingly empty.  Was this a sign of the Next Great Depression?

Granted, it was mid-afternoon, likely an off hour between lunch time and after work.  And perhaps BBBB is not a Christmas shopping destination, except for practical people like me.

vacuum cleaner bags?  you shouldn’t have!  really, you shouldn’t have.

Indeed, the parking lot was pretty full, so maybe hordes of Christmas shoppers were next door at Target, where you can buy toys and iPods with your household cleaning fluids.

I did my part, picking up a fancy photo album covered in nice dead cow for one of “my people.”  But I have to wonder what Christmas is going to be like this year, in Culver City and elsewhere.

It Caught My Eye: Under The Bridge

(click to enlarge the two-frame pano for better legibility)

As found this morning on the Ballona Creek Bikeway under Overland Avenue on my commute to work — and mere moments before the almost ever-present and duly diligent Culver City graffiti abatement crewmember began painting it out.

“Not your average tag,” I said to him after dismounting, and with several quick shots of compressed air through his sprayer’s nozzle he smiled and nodded in agreement. I attempted to capture the statement in a single snap, but stepping backward I ended up pressed up against the bridge support with only “I’m a human being God damn it. My life has” fitting into the frame. “Value” was out of reach… wide right.

Is it ironic to proclaim one’s worth in so worthless a manner; to present such lofty sentiment from the dank shadows beneath the surface; to argue such an ideal in so not idyllic a place? Or is the greater irony found in the validation that comes from bringing this truth up from where it now lies buried under a layer of fresh cover-up paint for the rest of us to see?

Today’s Parking Tard — Yellow Attracts Yellow

The parking lot behind B&B Hardware on the West side is relatively small, considering how popular the store is.  The availability of spots is usually very tight.  That didn’t dissuade the woman with the bling bling jeans and the yellow Porsche Cayman S with custom exterior work from taking up two spaces.  Her car isn’t just straddling the yellow line, it’s absolutely making love to it.

Tardness, meet yellow, after the jump

Yesterday Was A Beautiful Day In LA

Santa Monica/Venice Beach


It was also the perfect day to walk 18.5 miles in preparation for The Big Walk down Western Ave. on October 18.  (That’s less than two weeks away!)

I’m really looking forward to it for many reasons, the main one being that walking for hours and hours gets awfully lonely, even with an ipod stuffed full of podcasts and music.

I saw a few interesting things along my walk yesterday, though no mysterious doors in the ground like last time. Mostly it was just a gorgeous day to be out.
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The Culver City Hategate Saga Is Finally Over For Now

What was prompted by the nazi swastiki-augmented hate graffiti I found in Culver City along Ballona Creek bikeway that begat this post here and then continued with this post here after a city paint-out attempt a few days later left it still mind-blowingly legible, can finally and successfully be concluded here thanks to the nastiness  being found entirely painted out on Friday’s ride in to work:

The interesting thing was that on Thursday’s ride I found one of the crew I’d seen at work on Wednesday morning and I stopped to ask him why it had been left visible. He told me that the taggers had apparently used some sort of paint — perhaps metallic or oil-based — that allowed it to creep back through anything put on top of it.

That didn’t jive in the slightest with the fact that the gate had only been touched up twice to cover the dark paint of smaller gang tags instead of completely recovered, but I didn’t want to argue the point since the worker said he’d planned on returning to the scene of the slime and priming the thing with black before rolling on a second layer of the gray in hopes that would take it out once and for all — which it did, at least until the aryans come back to redecorate.

So Now I Just Gotta Wonder What The Fuck Is Up With Culver City!?11!

Strange shit, man. Steeeeeee-range.

In last week’s post I pointed out the hate graffiti I found along the Ballona Creek Bikeway around the bend from Overland Avenue that read WHITE RACE SUPREME and included a nazi swastika. That bullshit had been over-tagged by a local gang, and shortly thereafter, the gang tag had been specifically covered up, curiously leaving the original white power garbage and symbol pretty much infuckingtact. I wondered if the skinheads themselves had a paint-out crew of their own that went around cleaning up damage to their tags, or if it may have been whoever owned the property behind the gate, and between those two options, I did my best to understand this probably wasn’t a city-authorized clean-up.

I concluded that post with a note that I’d submitted a graffiti removal request through Culver City’s website since apparently no residents of that fine municipality who have to live with it give a shit (or worse, perhaps support it).

Fast forward to yesterday morning and as I’m biking in to work I’m pleasantly suprised to pass a crew of two of a Culver City contractor’s finest paint-outers working their way down creek  dabbing a little here, rolling a little there and making their way closer to the source of my request.

FTW! I thought as I rolled past them, arriving at the wall of shame moments later only to find another tag had been sprayed over the hate that I snapped quickly and moved on (pic after the jump).

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Is Huffing While Driving a Reportable Offense?

Recently, I wrote a post about a young female driver illegally holding her cell phone up to her ear and talking on it while driving, without using a hands-free device or the speakerphone. I included pictures of the offender. There was a split of opinion in the comments as to whether it was useful to try to change the behavior of such drivers by photographing them, speaking to them, and highlighting them on L.A. Metblogs. Today, I saw a guy huffing behind the wheel. I’d like to know what, if anything, readers think should be done about him.

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