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Heard Enough About Last Month’s Ride Yet?

Cycle Santa Monica has posted a video of last month’s Midnite Ridazz ride. Y’know, the one that some of us have refused to shut up about since BECAUSE IT WAS SO AWESOME? Yeah. That ride.

Incidentally, tomorrow is Santa Monica Critical Mass. Meet at the pier between 6:30 and 7. Ride goes around Santa Monica and doubles back to pick up stragglers before going south to Venice. And I’m going to try to swing by the HAMMER BASH afterwards. This is the party at the Hammer which will give everyone a last chance to see the Masters of American Comics exhibit before it closes. The party is free, so it saves you the admission dollars you usually have to pay, provided that is the only exhibit you wanted to see (the rest of the museum is usually closed). Just be prepared to have to get through a lot of people who will be between you and the art.

rent bio-diesel cars in los angeles

Los Angeles TrafficA few months ago, I grabbed one of those “closest you can get without a blue tag” spots in front of Whole Foods. When I got out of my car, one of the cart-collecting Whole Foods guys asked me how I liked my car, which is a VW Golf TDI. I told him I was very happy with it, and I especially loved averaging 380 miles between fill ups.

“Is it bio?” He said.

“No,” I said, “I didn’t even know you could get bio-diesel in Los Angeles.”

“You can,” he said, “but it’s just at this one place in downtown.”

“Oh,” I said, “Well, if I’m ever down there, I’ll check it out.”

I forgot about it until today, when I read that Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars has set up shop in town.
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That Ferrari Enzo Story (Update!)…


(Photo courtesy of EuroGamer.)

Remember the Ferrari Enzo that crashed last Monday? There’s an update to the story (via LA Observed):

The case of the Malibu Ferrari crash gets stranger. There may be a gun involved, the car may have been illegal, and the top of the Times story makes it sound like authorities now believe there really was a second person in the car when it crashed. But there’s no support for that claim in the rest of the story, just the skepticism from last week.

More after the jump.
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Man vs Car on the I-10

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard…


A man died today after being hit by three different cars on the Santa Monica Freeway less than 24-hours after he was released from jail. The accident in the eastbound lanes near La Cienega Blvd. was reported to the CHP just before 3 a.m., said CHP Officer Francisco Villalobos.

The 50-year-old man who has not been identified ran across the westbound lanes of traffic where he was struck by a 2001 Honda Civic. The impact spun the man around, but he kept running across the lanes, crossing the center divider into the eastbound lanes, according to the CHP.

He was then struck by a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban.

While lying in the road, he was struck by a 1991 Ford Probe.

Ex-con or bionic man?

Treasure! Bikes! Y’arr!

I’m totally yanking this post out from under Will, but the L.A. Treasure Hunt is coming up next month! As rumoured by benhigh a couple weeks ago, it is, indeed, a treasure hunt. On bikes! Treasure hunts + bikes = AWESOME!

Of course, it turns out that this wondrous event is the same day as the CODEPINK International Women’s Day event. At which I will be coordinating (clothed) people into an aerial image. So for those of you who are not cyclistas, but would like to see more peace in the world (and the US out of Iraq), you may want to join us at Arlington West in Santa Monica. Details will be forthcoming – but anyone interested in helping should comment or email or track me down now, because we at CODEPINK can totally use more help.

Also this weekend – tonight is Los Angeles Critical Mass! Meet at Wil/tern Metro Station, at 7pm. I will not be there, as I am backlogged on multiple projects (including a lot of CODEPINK work), but I wish I could be. This is the Mass that sometimes goes through downtown, and sometimes goes to Hollywood, and always is a great time.

And, unfortunately, due to my decision to go ride Soarin’ over California six times in a row, neither will I be at the Tour de Drugs on Sunday in Redondo. But here’s the email I received from the 310 list:
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That Ferrari Enzo Story…


(Photo courtesy of NBC4.)

As soon as I heard about the circumstances surrounding the crash of the Ferrari Enzo yesterday morning on PCH, I immediately suspected that the passenger’s story was bullshit:

Stefan Erikssen, 44, of Los Angeles, a Swedish national, told authorities he was the owner of the Ferrari Enzo. But he claimed he was only the passenger, and that the driver ran off after the crash, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Philip Brooks.

According to Brooks, Erikssen said a German named “Dietrich” was driving the car. Police said the Ferrari may have been involved in a race with a Mercedes-McLaren SLR.

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Nobody Bikes in LA

I’m glad I woke up late after working till 4am in a freezing downtown colocation facility, because if I had woken up early and read this obnoxious attempt at humor over on curbed I would have spouted a vitriol laced tirade about the idiocy of the author of linked piece, but thankfully I just woke up and Mack Reed over on LAVoice.orgcom took the time to write an excellent and well thought out rebuttal that would have made my “fuck you” piece sound childish.

Let’s Ride the Holley Trolley!

Last Friday, when I went to the party at Tokio, I decided I would park at Hollywood and Highland and just take the Holley Trolley to Hollywood and Cahuenga. I was wearing new high heeled Coach pumps I’d just bought at Loehmann’s, and, hence, did not want to walk the four blocks.
So I came out of the H&H center, teetered across the street, and caught a parked Trolley. There was a very nice guy in his early 20s, wearing a snazzy black-on-black suit, inviting people onto the Trolley as they went by, which made me wonder – do the Trolleys follow a set schedule? Or do they simply leave at will and stop where requested or required?

I got on the Trolley, and the ambassador who had been standing outside continued to bring people on. One punk – and four gangsta-types. Suddenly, the sound system kicked in, with some seriously loud rap. And the Trolley started rolling, as the punk and I exchanged looks, and the gangsta-types began yelling at people out the windows. Meanwhile, the ambassador for the Trolley came over to sit by me and chat. Or rather, yell, because the music was at club volume. And after a couple minutes of shouted small talk, he then asked me for a date, which I politely evaded. But this was one determined Trolley ambassador, because when I asked for a transfer, he said I didn’t need one, that I should just look for him, so I could ride the Trolley for free all night. I smiled, and said I’d give him my number if I saw him later, and made a graceful exit at Cahuenga.
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We Can Safely Do Away With Car Alarms

Continuing on yesterday’s trend of pointing out irregularities in our vaunted driving related systems, today I will speak briefly about car alarms.

In short, it’s time that we did away with them. The only purpose of their existence at this point is to wake me up in the middle of the night when a truck or bus passes a Honda Civic. Whoop! Whoop!

As far as I know, nobody responds to them. Nobody calls the police and nboody thinks, “Oh my goddam, someone’s car is being robbed.” If anything, it gives the owners a false sense of security in thinking that this secures their vehicle. It seems, in some cases it can have the opposite result. Someone might unload a clip.

They are useless, and they are annoying, and I ask car owners everywhere to consider the alternatives.

Busted by motorcycle helmet camera

I always love finding out about things in LA from friends in Japan! Gen Kanai links to this SoCalSportsBike thread of a motorcyclist who was involved in an accident and caught the whole thing on her helmet cam. Gen writes:

This lady motorcyclist in Los Angeles had her helmet camera on when a car in the lane next to her had an accident and caused her to crash into the car.

At the time of this posting, there’s 16 pages of commentary. The upside is that this video will exonerate the motorcyclist and will implicate the car driver for the idiot that he is. Sadly, it looks like he’s an undocumented Mexican without a license and insurance (a fairly common occurance in SoCal) and the motorcyclist may not get anything from his insurance.

This is a freightening aspect of being on the roads here in socal – just about everyone I know who has been involved in any kind of an accident, myself included, has had to deal with uninsured drivers / drivers without licenses. In my case, some who even fled the scene. Maybe we all need dashboard and rearbumper cameras?