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UCLA men win Pac-10 tournament

pac10bruins.jpg Winter quarter has been way too busy for me to pay attention to UCLA basketball, which is a shame because both men’s and women’s teams have had great seasons.

UCLA men won their first Pac-10 tournament title since 1987 today and on Tuesday the women won their first tournament ever.

Of course this is great and hopefully the teams will do well in the NCAA tournament. March is always mad for UCLA students because we have to deal with both finals and basketball, but we manage.

Help the Derby Dolls!

This just in!

The Derby Dolls have a team of skaters trained, packed and ready to head out to Texas to play our first ever inter-league bout against the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls (of A&E “Rollergirls” fame). We are set to leave this Sunday and skate this game during the South by Southwest music festival, however, because our supporting sponsor cancelled at the last minute, this historic bout is in danger of being cancelled.

So what does that mean? That means tonight, is your turn to help out the Derby Dolls. Get your butt out in front of your computer (I’m just about to slip out the door to the Mutaytor show myself) and head down to Bar 107.

We are asking, you to drop what you’re doing tonight and come out to our last minute GUERILLA FUNDRAISER at Bar 107 in Downtown Los Angeles. For a donation of $5, you can groove to the sounds of 3 DJs – Leopold Dynamite, Zofisto and Stewart Bading Patterson. The back bar will be manned by Derby Dolls, so you can have your drinks slung full-contact derby-style.

So there, now you have no reasons to stay home where it is dry and warm. Make your way out into the blustery LA night. We don’t get many – and instead of supporting the TV show – you can get out and support some real bruises and broken wheels.

12 minutes!

The view from behind home plate Dodgers single game tickets go on sale today at 10 a.m. My good friend got a number at Dodger Stadium and went home instead becase she figured her chances online would be better. There are three of use trying to get tickets for the home opener on Monday, April 3 when the Dodgers play the Braves.

It’s been a long winter (yes, I know that term has little meaning in LA) and I can’t wait to go back to Chavez Ravine.

Eek. Now it’s less than 8 minutes.

“A Drinking Club With A Running Problem”

hhh.gifAnd all you bicycle enthusiasts thought you were so cool… the Hash House Harriers is a worldwide underground bar hopping run club. Part of the fun is that the runners don’t know the course they’ll be running, or what bars they’ll stop in along the way. A lead runner or runners mark the trail ahead of them, sometimes leading the runners on ridiculous routes.

I’d heard of this legendary group, but didn’t know they were local until I saw a mob of them running past my apartment Saturday afternoon. The scary part is I live in Hollywood a couple blocks from Runyon Canyon, but they began their run today all the way over in Chinatown. And at least two of the runners I saw were preggers. According to their blog, MTA passes were handed out before the run, so it appears they were all encouraged to pull a Rosie Ruiz.
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A World Without Vin?

scully.jpgInevitable, yes… but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. From the L.A. Times (via L.A. Observed) comes the news that the Dodgers are planning to announce today that the legendary Vin Scully’s career is indeed going to end someday. The good great news is that his contract, which was set to expire at the end of this season, has been extended through 2008, meaning we’ve got three more glorious years with The Voice Of Los Angeles.

As a lifelong Angeleno and Dodgers fan, I can’t come close to capturing in words what Vin means to me, and dangit if I don’t almost get choked up at the very thought of a broadcast without him talking me through it. Hell, just his “Eastern most in quality, Western most in flavor ‚Äî Farmer John” spiel runs in a timeless and endless loop inside my head.

But I’ll stop short of spouting reverential lines from the ninth of W.H. Auden’s “Twelve Songs” and instead leave you with a link to history and the auditory poetry of Scully himself from a different ninth ‚Äî the ninth inning of the perfect game pitched by Sandy Koufax on Sept. 9, 1965 (via the awesome 6-4-2 Blog and Double Dog Music, which hosts the audio file).

Photo by Tom Zimberoff

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