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Walking Adoption Billboards

bla-k9connection.jpgAs posted by Caryn last week, you can help out needy animals on Los Angeles by helping get out the word on your blog or site.

Here’s a more real-world approach – take a dog for a walk … the dog wears a little vest that says that he’s up for adoption. You hang out at the park or the coffee shop or whatever and people get to see the prospective pet in all his/her three dimensional glory.

You get your exercise, look like a great person and of course the doggie might find a new family.

K9 Connection
1453 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Found via Volunteer Match.

New Spay/Neuter Ordinance for Dogs

This is a little late but still important – On June 3rd a new ordinance was passed regarding spaying/neutering and micro-chipping your dog:

In an effort to improve public safety and reduce the number of stray dogs overwhelming our animal shelters, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has passed an ordinance that requires all residents of unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County to have their dogs spayed or neutered and have an identification microchip implanted in each dog. The measure applies to all dogs over the age of four months kept in unincorporated (non-city) areas of Los Angeles County.

Complete ordinance information found on the Animal Control website.

I’m always surprised when people don’t have their pet spayed/neutered. I was even more surprised at the shocked or sad reactions I got when I told people that my boys had been neutered. I thought it was inherent knowledge that it’s the responsible thing to do as a pet owner to have that taken care of. It’s such a simple solution to an enormous problem. (Side note: I do realize that some cats and dogs are bred for showing – they are taken into account into this new ordinance).

Lana Kim (Pet Photographer) on Apartment Therapy

On Apartment Therapy’s Los Angeles section, Gregory interviews Los Angeles-based pet-photographer (as well as one of the kindest people I know) Lana Kim. This girl is seriously talented and I’m not just saying that because my dog Lebowski has been her subject and his pic is featured in her interview (he’s the cutie in the middle).

For many of us, animals are not just “pets”, but beloved family members whom we treat just like fellow humans companions (sometimes better). We play together, eat together, takes naps together, and grow old together. Visit most any proud pet owner’s home and it’s very likely they’ve got an assortment of personal photos of their pet pal prominently displayed throughout their home. Our pets say as much about us and our lifestyle as our homes themselves.

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Why I’m Not A Pet Detective

So my most recent involvement in coming to the aid of animals has turned out way much better than my previous attempt, but today’s doggie drama only shos me I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me if I ever hope to make detective. all started out while walking my own magnificent mutt Shadow this morning on Bellevue along our regular long loop through lower Silver Lake and passing by a house whose deck had not previously hosted any animals but was now featuring a smallish and yappy white terrier-mix type dawg that I couldn’t get too good a look at. A bit further down at the corner of Silver Lake Boulevard and Bellevue I saw the lightpost flyer (at right) one of many blanketing the neighborhood. Stitching two and two together however tenuously I dialed up the number and told the woman that answered that it was a sketchy lead at best but perhaps it might maybe might be her lost dog that I just glancingly saw. She was grateful for the info however flimsy and after giving her directions to come check it out for herself I wished her luck and Shadow and I continued onward.

Fast forward and we’re up on Sunset Boulevard near the 99-cents store and low-and-behold there’s a posting (after the jump) for a found dog that’s smallish, whitish, terrier-ish. Too good to be true-ish?
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Blogathan 2006 Helps Glendale Humane Society


Blogging and pets? Who knew they went so well together (ok, I did).

In its sixth year, the 24-hour charity event Blogathon 2006 begins on Saturday, July 29 at 0600 Pacific Time. Featuring hundreds (currently 389) international bloggers, it goes a little something like this: participating bloggers will be making a post on their blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight for specific charities. They raise money through people like you sponsoring them. These charities vary but one hits close to home – Kat and Brant from How Animals Save Us Every Day participation will benefit the no-kill shelter, the Glendale Humane Society. The GHS website says that for much of the day, Kat and Brant will even be blogging live from Glendale Humane and will be making relevant posts, videos, stories of the shelter.

They are a no kill shelter that is one of the best organizations out there for Animal Rescue in the greater Los Angeles area helping animals other shelters or groups would often deem ‘un-adoptable’, and finding them forever homes in an area that is over run by strays, and animals in desperate need of seeing some human kindness.

Every dollar you pledge to donate will go to helping Glendale Humane Society save lives!

To sponsor How Animals Save Us, go here now.

How Your Pet Can Stay Cool in LA


We’ve heard a lot about how you can stay cool during Los Angeles’ current heat wave but what about your pooch? The baths I have my minpins this afternoon not only cooled them down but also gave them bursts of energy (I didn’t try anything with the cats). I was curious as to what the experts recommend on how to keep your pets safe, cool, and healthy this summer, I asked Marsha from Devil Dog Ranch for some advice. Marsha, a dog-lover and trainer extraordinaire offers these helpful tips:

1. Never leave your dog in a parked vehicle, not even for a short while or in the shade. Even on a relatively cool day with the windows open, a car can quickly become a furnace and over-heating could be fatal. Dogs cannot roll down the windows and have a relatively inefficient way of cooling themselves down – it’s known as panting.

2. Exercise your dog in the cool of the early morning or evening – hot asphalt or pavement can burn their paws. If you doubt this, go ahead and place your palm face down on the ground and see how hot it is before you take your dog for a walk. Extra precautions should be taken with senior dogs, short-nosed dogs, overweight dogs, black dogs, and thick-coated dogs, as they can more quickly succumb to heat-stress.

Click continue reading for more good advice…
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Orange Cat Terrorizing Critters in the North Valley some guy in Shadow Hills (somewhere north of Burbank) became the unwilling host to a killing machine stray cat named Jeff that has been menacing the local wildlife.

The website What Jeff Killed is simply a log of… well…

From Sploid!:

Since May, Jeff’s people have kept a photographic body count of what he brings to the porch. Jeff is such a savage hunter that it’s often impossible to guess the source of the bloody innards. They could’ve come from a small deer or a child or even another cat.

Perhaps Jeff is the reason we haven’t had many Reggie sightings lately?

Its a very gory site, one Sploid! says is “wildly popular” but likely fascinating to anyone who has fond memories of their 7th grade science class autopsies of piglet fetuses (count me out). According to the current draft of the Shadow Hills, CA Wikipedia entry, Jeff is also the only resident there worth mentioning.

ALF Visits Bel Air

No, not that ALF, this one. Basically these are the guys that break into labs and set animals free. There’s obviously more to it that that, but that’s the basic jist of it. It should be noted that unlike any other organization there is no central leadership in the ALF, anyone who does anything to help further the cause of stopping tests on animals is said to be an ALF member. It’s super popular with idealistic high shcool and college kids, and there are endless punk rock bands who have written songs supporting them.

_41161261_alfpa203ind.jpgAccording to the ALF Press Office, some people, perhaps members of the UCLA Primate Freedom Project set out the other night to scare Lynn Fairbanks, who works at UCLA testing drug addition, criminality and violence on 725 monkeys in her care. (On a side note the PFP notes that “…it is shocking that a researcher is using animals to study social problems unique to humans. Ask Fairbanks about alcoholism and bank robberies in monkeys.”) I say they set out to scare her, because the press release states that they left a moletov cocktail on her door step and unless I have no idea what I’m talking about (which is always possible), moletov cocktail’s are pretty much usless unless thrown at something causing them to break and ignite. Anyway, that’s not the interesting part – this morning the LAFD Blog points to an FBI Press Release saying this was a “terrorist attack”, but also suggesting someone had the wrong address. The FBI release doesn’t name names, but does reference an “unintended target” and says “Investigation has determined that a residence in the neighborhood is the frequent target of protests by animal rights groups.”

Sounds like they went to the wrong house to me, but is this really a “terrorist attack”? Or is it just a few people who took something way too far. The ALF creedo posted clearly on their site says that theirs is “…a nonviolent campaign, activists taking all precautions not to harm any animal (human or otherwise).” which would pretty much rule against them trying to kill someone which seems to be implied in the FBI Release. And what if it is, is the FBI going to swamp high schools and start rounding up students who have ALF stickers and patches on their book bags, or start questioning the kids who hang on Melrose with Crass t-shirts? I mean really, are people who set lab rats free in the same boat as Al-Qaeda or Hamas?

Underdog Book Signing @ Puppies and Babies


The only thing that makes my heart swell more than a dog is a dog with something very special or strange about him/her – the underdog. Not that my boys are underdogs but they are small and more atypical of what people normally think of as a “dog” (lab, rott, etc.). In celebration of the underdog, pet photographer Jim Dratfield has created the book, aptly titled, “Underdogs,” and will be signing copies of this book and “Day of the Daschund” at Puppies and Babies this Sunday:

If people love anything, it’s the underdog – every kind of underdog, whether it’s a dog or not. We recognize that beauty is more than skin deep-or fur deep. We appreciate dogs of indeterminate lineage, with mottled fur, too-large ears, or strange little bodies; we love dogs who look like impish little children or grumpy old men. Underdogs is their book-a celebration of funny faces and singular shapes, of uncommon breeds and unrecognized mixed-breeds. Underdogs is a charming, touching, and occasionally hilarious look at what we really love about dogs-the true companionship that comes from great character.

Jim Dratfield Book Signing @ Puppies and Babies
Sunday, July 16 from 5-8pm
*he’ll be offering rare opportunities to book a private photo session in your home!
**Puppies and Babies is also offering 10% off everything you buy that night (books and sale merch excluded)

White Kat R.I.P.

chillkitty2.jpg My sweet, yet irritating, familiar, “White Kat” died yesterday. She has been cruising with me for seventeen years, so I suppose she’s had a long life in cat years. While at times I’ve definitely wanted to wring her neck for all the rats, rabbits and baby birds she’s dragged in, and she has certainly caused major drama with her specialty for emitting unearthly yowls every morning at 7am, she was also wonderfully sweet and mellow. This morning I woke up to silence and it was wrenching.

Because she had such a quirky personality, almost human like, White Kat not only inspired a couple of different projects I have written, namely “Supa’ Pussy” about a kick-ass female super-hero, but she also displayed the ultimate in ‘chill factor’. The only time she ever got upset was when she got thrown out of the bedroom for good when I had to choose between my boyfriend and her in bed. As much as I loved her, there was no contest, so only one happy pussy emerged from that tangle.
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Can You Compete with this Dog?


After careful consideration I’ve decided that this is the year my dog Lebowski takes show business, and the world, by storm. My friend Kathy forwarded me an announcement she found on a French Bulldog message board about a casting call in Los Angeles for a new television series looking for couples and their dogs to compete – what they want to have us compete about, I don’t know. I promise I won’t become one of those show-biz moms but, hey, look at that face. Isn’t that the face of a star?

Here’s the bulletin:

We are looking for COUPLES & THEIR DOGS to compete in an exciting New Television Series!!

We want Spouses, Siblings, Roommates, Best Friends-whatever your relationship, as long as you own the dog TOGETHER.

Who said you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks?? You can! Your Dog doesn’t have to know every trick in the book… All cute, well-behaved Dogs are encouraged to come!


QUESTIONS? EMAIL [email protected]

IMPS Dog Highlight


Inspired by the post I made last week regarding LA Animal Services “Pet of the Day” image you can put on your website, I decided to further promote the Miniature Pinscher Rescue Service’s Los Angeles chapter. People are always suprised when I tell them I got my dog Quint through IMPS because one just assumes that small, cute, pure-bred dogs just don’t wind up needing to be adopted let alone have an entire service dedicated to finding them homes. But the truth is, just like any other dog, Min Pins often find themselves abandoned because someone thought small dogs meant easy care which is entirely untrue. And smaller dogs are also not immune to their owners moving or passing away or simply not caring anymore. Therefore, to help out the organization that has given me so much (and will again when it’s time for me to get Min Pin number three), I’m going to highlight little pooches in Los Angeles that need a home as they become available.

First up is Jewel who was added on June 29th. She’s a 3 yr old black & tan female who will be spayed in 4 weeks with undocked tail and uncropped ears:

Hi there my name is Jewel, I am tiny at only 5 lbs but truly precious.. I am a total lap dog and want to be with my person as much as possible, giving tons of kisses. I am an all natural girl with upright ears and a long tail. If you are looking a loving cuddly kissy pooch then I am your girl. Due to my size I am looking for a home without kids. I am fine with other dogs but don’t want to play with them. I think I am too human to play with the dogs and want a home that will treat me like their baby…

If you’re interested, contact Kim but first fill out the online application! Oh, and if Jewel is already adopted never-fear, IMPS can add you to a list to preview pooches before they come online!

Homeless Pets vs. Homeless People

homelesswoman.jpgLos Angeles taxpayers are spending almost 50% as much for pet shelters as they are for homeless shelters…

Joel John Roberts at LA’s Homeless Blog recently expressed concern that pet shelters might be receiving more funding than homeless shelters:

I certainly feel that our society should make sure homeless pets are taken care of. Even if it costs $20.2 million per year in operating costs, and an additional $150 million in funds to build “state of the art animal care centers.”

But let’s make sure we also investment much more to build “state of the art homeless care centers” and housing that homeless people can afford. The County of Los Angeles plans to fund and locate five stabilization centers throughout the region. Yet, cities and neighborhoods are balking. If these were pet centers, there would be no objection.

According to Ed Boks of LA Animal Services, they have a “$20.2 million budget serving 3.9 million residents with eight new state of the art animal care centers soon to be opened throughout the City.”

I contacted Scott Ito at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority on how this compares to LA’s budget for homeless human shelters:
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Point Doolittle?

Sticking with the avian theme, the Ravens in Hollywood blog pointed to this very cool video: The Ravens of Point Vicente. It’s about 5 minutes long and shows a pair of birds ruling the general area as they face off against a pair of cats, a squirrel, a raccoon, and redtail hawks. I kept expecting to see a giraffe and elephant wander past the camera with all the wildlife running around, including seals and dolphins in the water. :)