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Buddhist Relics – the right info this time


Okay so the news was only half wrong about the location of the Buddhist relics on display today and Sunday. They said Summit and Washington, and it’s really at Summit and Mountain. If you exit the 134 at Fair Oaks there will be a small sign at Mountain to turn right.

So here’s the real details:

Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara
920 Summit Ave, Pasadena

No charge to enter, see the relics, even get a blessing with a relic from a monk! Donations of course encouraged, and you should give because that’s how they run the place.
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Not a Hallmark Holiday

So you might remember that for Valentines day I delivered flowers all over Hollywood and Los Feliz. Moki dog and I delivered red roses and chocolate goodness to lucky recipients. I myself didn’t get any flowers because the boyf was off shooting heavy artillery. But that’s ok, cause it’s payback time.

In addition to being Pi day, where geeks everywhere celebrate the number they love, but it’s also (I almost forgot) Steak and BJ day. What’s that? Well, I won’t explain it here, go to the site and learn for yourself. I know almost every guy enjoys a juicy steak. I even know vegans and vegetarians that have been known to have a steak once in a while. (My high school best friend sneaked some filet mignon at a churrasco in Rio and my X broke his veganism with a corn fed t-bone.) Cindy’s recent post ties up this trend.

But I think I’m going to be making salad for dinner tonight, since I didn’t get any roses on the V-day. I have been called passive aggressive before. It doesn’t mean I love him any less. I like a juicy corn-fed Iowa steak just as much as he does any day.

* Thanks to my gigfriends for the reminder!

jbum Brings The Knowledge at USC

Jay Bumgardner, one of our Peanut Gallery regulars and overall far-too-productive guy, is giving a presentation tonight at USC about how to make a Karl Marx toy in Flash. How can you not want to make a Karl Marx toy in Flash? Actually, it’s about “Interactive Art & Toys in Flash,” so he may end up doing another example. But still, sounds like an interesting experience, and it’s free:

Interactive Art & Toys in Flash
Tuesday, Feb. 28
7:30-9:30 @ (USC Campus) SAL 127

Hello Nashville!


This morning the Metroblogging family turned 43 with the addition of Nashville. When I used to drive between Florida and Chicago Nashville was a manditory stop because of their amazing fireworks. Which we always set off safely and leagally in the state of Tennessee and I certainly don’t have any scars from said fireworks. I guess there’s also music or something there as well. Anyway, swing by and see what they are up to. (photo from wikipedia)

public service announcement for myspace users

Anyone in the general reading audience with a account should change their passwords immediately. Wannabe crackers (imitation hackers, who crack rather than hack – not the slang term for white trash) have posted thousands of MySpace names and passwords on publicly accessible websites. At least, according to the punkass kid who broke into mine.

I’ve posted details on my own blog, but though I would share. To make this post more L.A. related, um, it’s a beautiful day out here in Venice, despite some early June gloom. Which is burning off quickly. So once you change those passwords, you might want to come out to the beach.


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