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[click to biggify – it’s Roger Corman on the set of The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) and it’s a great shot]

A Photographic Exhibition of
The Edgar Allan Poe films of Roger Corman

October 21st-November 18th, 2006
Opening reception Saturday, October 21st 2006  7-10pm  
With a special appearance by Roger Corman

Complementary valet parking and free admission

Drkrm. Gallery
2121 San Fernando Road  Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90065 
ph. 323-223-6867 
email: galleryATdrkrmDOTcom
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Silent Movie Theatre to be Eerily Silent no more being closed for three months, the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax is back open with new owners, and in time to present a Halloween lineup of films.

Titles include the 1920 version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (with Devil Music Ensemble providing a live soundtrack), Un Chien Andalou, Faust (1926), Lon Chaney in The Penalty, Harold Lloyd comedies Number, Please? and Haunted Spooks, that German Dracula knockoff Nosferatu, the 1929 Phantom of the Opera, and Buster Keaton in Haunted House.

While all the above films are from the silent era, the new proprietors are may be bringing in some talkies:

Dan Harkham (and) brother Sammy Harkham bought the theater in June. After initially planning to add sound films and reopen in mid-August, the new owners found they needed more time to adjust equipment. Dan Harkham says they’ll mix in sound programming later this year or in early 2007. (source: LA Times)

(h/t Karie Bible at Film Radar)

Houdini Didn’t Sleep Here to spoil the illusion, but the remains of the old Houdini Estate on Laurel Canyon have never actually been the the residence, let alone the property, of Harry Houdini. Perhaps the escape artist had dinner there at one time or another, but there is no evidence to suggest any sort of connection between him and the grounds near the intersection of Lookout Mountain.

Of course, this doesn’t help explain then why Houdini’s ghost has been spotted there frequently…

The rumour that Houdini once owned the land could have come from the fact that his widow lived a few hundred feet up Laurel Canyon… oh, and those remains just look plain cool. Calling them Liberace’s remains doesn’t sound nearly as scary (well, scary in a different way).

(source: E.J. Fleming, “Hollywood Death and Scandal Sites”… photo by pollypeekaboo via flickr)


I always liked Advent calendars as a kid. Now, there’s something better than those crumbly, low-grade chocolates that were always in them. The folks that brought you CraftNight at Akbar now bring you Gothtober. Thirty-one days of shorts and crafts and animations – and unlike the traditional realspace Advent calendars, you can only open up to the current day. Also, they have instructions on how to create your own Gothtober ride, using cut-out paper dice. And a series of photos from their versions of it. The hilarity never ceases when you’re on a spooky bike ride!

Oh, and I noticed something today – it actually smells like fall out there. I think this is a localized phenomenon to tree-heavier areas of Los Angeles, because it’s the falling leaves that really make it smell like autumn to me. But it’s almost as if the weather’s hooked up to a calendar, with how quickly it cooled off as soon as October rolled around. Does it feel like fall all over the city, or is it just because I’m out by the rapidly cooling ocean in Venice?

Hallowe’en Activity Kickoff (Zombie Update)

150px-Jack_Skellington.jpgWell well. Our own Heathervescent has received props over on the ZombieWalk Livejournal community, in anticipation of her performance this Saturday at Bootie L.A. I won’t ruin the surprise, but I will say I’m very sorry I won’t be there to see the act. I’m on my way up to my homeland for the weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving, and have to miss ALL the zombie related fun on Saturday.

However, based off the most recent posts, I’d say the zombie walk is definitely happening. Check out the zombie forums, and be at Hollywood/Vine on Saturday (that’s 10/7) at 6pm, to lurch down the street just as it gets dark.

My friends and I also sat down over lunch at a Getty picnic table on Saturday, and hammered out all the wonderful things we can do for Hallowe’en. To start with, we’re getting tickets for the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D showings later this month. But before then, we’ll be experiencing the ride version at Disneyland in two weeks, while the park is still all tricked out for the holiday. And, of course, we have the usual regimen of parties and clubs to hit, culminating in Hex Hollywood on Hallowe’en night. But I’ll be posting more about that between now & the day itself. For now, I’ll just be enjoying Hallowe’en – from the creepy mad scientist doctor mannequins in the CMS to the gravestones on the neighbors lawns – and preparing for as many Hallowe’en-related activities as I can squeeze in.

Graveyard Games

or How to Have Fun at A Funeral

Last November, game designer Jane McGonigal came to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to assemble the Graveyard Games.

Thats right. Games. In a graveyard. (and you thought watching movies above the buried remains of fomer Angelenos was creepy).

You can read accounts of last years activities here, and some pics here, but unfortunately Jane has no plans to bring the games back to Los Angeles this year.

However, she directed me to instructions on how to run your own game of Tombstone Hold ‘Em that can be played at any cemetery in Los Angeles.

Tombstone Hold ‘Em turns every gravestone into its own card – the shape of the stone determines its suit, and the last number of the year determines the card value. (if you find a stone that shares your birthday, you can claim it as a wildcard) Four or more live bodies can play. The game works by first flipping five real face cards, and then players seeking out gravestones as their own “pocket cards” to make the best hand… with a Twister like twist that teammates must be able to touch their respective stones and each other (see pic above) for the hand to work…

Summarizing gaming directions is worse than writing stereo instructions, so I’ll steer you directly to full instructions.

After the jump, some additional “favors” (ie more ways to have fun at a graveyard) from Jane and friends…
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When hinges creak in doorless chambers… Halloween season has officially begun.

To keep track, has added a new “Halloween” category so you don’t miss out on any of the October festivities here. I’ve also begun tagging events at with “HalloweenLA2006” so you can easily find creepy events to attend all of October (if you have or know of any other events that fit the theme, please add the tag).

I’ll be posting all months about the supernatural and assorted horrific topics related to the City of Angels, and strongly encourage our readers to offer ideas and suggestions in suggest a stort (see the button at right) or comments.

To get things started…

Do you live in or know of haunted houses in Los Angeles? Do you have a great local ghost story to share? If so, please email me at [email protected] or drop a line in the comments here. Prizes, TBD, will be given out to anyone who can give me the chills…

(photo by aisipos on Flickr)

LA’s Horror Movie Schedule for October

Sure, October’s days away still, but I just got an email with this nifty schedule of all the horror movies playing around in October, so here goes:

Rialto Theatre:

The Lost Boys
Sat, Oct 7

Nuart Theatre:

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
Fri, Oct 20

Aero Theatre:

Wednesday, October 25
(my birthday!)

Thursday, October 26

Friday, October 27

Saturday, October 28

New Beverly Cinema:

October 29, 30, 31

Fright Night (1985) Sun: 3:30 & 7:30; Mon/Tue: 7:30
Friday the 13th (1980) Sun: 5:35 & 9:35; Mon/Tue: 9:35

Egyptian Theatre:

Tuesday, October 31
7:30 PM

Followed by a Halloween Party in the Courtyard. Spirited
Beverages, Treats, Candlelight Tours of the Haunted Egyptian Theatre,
Costume Contest and the chance to sing with live band S.W.E.A.T.
Meet the legendary (nearly 90-year-old) founder of Famous Monsters Magazine, Forrest J. Ackerman who will sign his new “monsterography” Classic Universal along with David Marchant, author of Monsterific.

Movie & Party $20. Party Only $15. Special Member
Price for Movie & Party $15. See more details on their website.

Magical History Tour


This Saturday,WAHA Presents its 16th annual tour of Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in which costumed actors portray five persons, graveside, in one of the City’s oldest, most historically significant cemeteries.

Living History Tour 2006
Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
Saturday, September 30
tours from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m

The Vintage Hearse Society will also be strutting their stuff for the stiffs – an event not to be missed.

Tickets are $22 general admission, $20 for WAHA members.
For additional information, call 323.732.422.
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