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Where did all the trick or treaters go?


The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.
The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.

Is it just me or were the Trick or Treaters way down this year?  My street has always been a hit or miss so it is hard to tell by our traffic.  I took my youngest out for his last year of trick or treating and we ventured off the street as legend has it one of the streets above us does “only big candy bars”.  Even off the street for the most part it was lighter traffic than usual.

It was scary seeing the other neighborhoods around me.  Barely 1 in 4 homes were handing anything out.  Even fewer homes were decorated for the day with mazes, haunted houses or just great yard art.  Both a big departure from years past.

While I was pondering what happened I noticed on my facebook feed that a metblog writer in New Orleans, Daneeta Loretta had run a post with a similar observation there titled “Silent Night, Hallow Night”.  I guess the economy freak out is much bigger than I thought, certainly much deeper than the signs I see around my little corner of LA.

I heard from my friend Jeff  who turns his house into a “haunted house” and he had over 600 kids visit this year.  My daughter spent hours in line in Old Pas for a Haunted House there.  Old Town Monrovia was packed with kids for their afterschool party that included trick-or-treating.  Did everyone shift from door-to-door in favor of those activities?

How was your  Trick or Treater traffic?  What was your take on the shift in traffic?

(The pic is by me, trusty phone cam, and this year we gave pretzels and I am so glad as I wouldn’t want it to be that much candy left in the house to tempt me).

Monday Bullets: Halloweenie stuff

Oh, I just realized my headline looks like “hallow weenie.”  None of the people mentioned have hollow weenies. (I don’t think.)

Anyway, a short set of bullets, all from blogs written by people I’ve actually met in person…

Photo from I don’t know where, but dang!!!

Splatter Art at Antebellum Gallery

If you’re a fan of splatter films, then Rick Castro has something grisly for you see; an entire art exhibit inspired by the horror film genre that sprays blood, guts and other body parts across the screen like some sort of corporeal fireworks.

Castro’s Hollywood fetish art gallery, Antebellum, continues it’s assault on the mundane with SPLATTER, the first art show, claims Castro, to explore the passions for and obsessions with images of chaos, blood lust and, well, more blood. Opening night is next Thursday, the night before Halloween, and the public is invited to attend in costume, for those of you who want to work your look two nights in a row.

The Antebellum owner and curator thinks the subject of murder is a constant in society. “Throughout history, the most famous people have been presidents, performers and murderers,” says Castro. “Sexuality and death are also historically linked and romanticized. People still go to horror films in droves and they go year round, not just around Halloween.”

For SPLATTER, Castro has invited artists to make works that deal directly with murder and he even has pieces in the exhibit about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and artwork created by John Wayne Gacy, the “Killer Clown.”

I asked him how he got the painting by Gacy. “I wrote to him and asked him if I could buy one of his paintings when he was in prison. He sent it to me.”

Antebellum will also screen a splatter film festival on November 8th and 22nd, as well as present an ongoing program of related events throughout the run of the exhibit.  Details are on the gallery’s web site.

Splatter, Antebellum Gallery 1643 N. Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood 90028. Opening night gala, Thur. Oct 30th, 7 – 10 PM. $10 admission, $5 if in costume. Exhibit runs through Nov. 30th.

See You Saturday at the Baby Doll Brawl!

So this weekend’s chock-full of great things to do, but I’m most excited about the Derby Dolls’ Halloween-themed bout, which will feature their up-and-coming new crop of Dolls (including local blogger Mickipedia). Plus, at halftime, the 9-to-17-year-old girls who went thru the Dolls’ summer camp will show off their moves. There’ll be the usual bands, booze and insanity, plus badass broads. And, possibly, blood & bruises. Such are the perils of kicking ass and taking names.

Should be a great event and I can say with certainty that quite a few local bloggers will be in the stands cheering on our faves. Maybe we’ll see you there too!

For info, tix, time, direx and all that fun stuff, go here.

Shopping or Nature?

This past weekend, I had to go buy a new tennis racquet for Sunday.  We packed the family in the car and headed over to Westfield Shoppingtown Mall (not a generic name at all) to shop at Sports Chalet.  Now, I’m not a fan of shopping in general and malls, specifically, but it was such a nice day, the last thing I expected was to spend 15 minutes driving around looking for parking.  We eventually found a space close to Baldwin Ave. and hiked over to & through the mall to get my racquet.

After spending 20 minutes there, I had to get out.  The lightbulb went off.  The Arboretum is just down the street from the mall.  Imagine my chagrin when I pulled into the parking lot and immediately found parking.  While there were many people there, we kept seeing the same 20 or so people and the other people were there for a wedding.  Continue reading Shopping or Nature?

Esotouric’s got you covered

Swamped with work today but wanted to share this latest from the folks at Esotouric:

Face it, all this talk of financial panic has harshed your mellow, chafed your hide and other pithy phrases expressing general malaise. Let your pals at Esotouric drop a little spark of hope into the darkness with this, our weekly email, in which we are giving away ten (!!) seats on the RAYMOND CHANDLER’S BAY CITY tour, announcing the launch of a fabulous new blog from our secret weapon JOAN “RED” RENNER and reminding you that tomorrow night our free floating salon THE HIPPODROME rolls around the Downtown LA Art Walk with some incredible performers. So buck up, bucko, and read on for all the
delights of the day.

Read on for the list – including something extra special on MY BIRTHDAY (Oct 25th) —
Continue reading Esotouric’s got you covered

It Caught My Eye: Shark O’Lantern

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned too many times while exploring this town, when you find something that strikes your fancy, you best not figure on tomorrow being another day to immortalize it because shit is nothing if not fleeting in this place, and tomorrow it could be long gone… tagged up, torn apart, scrubbed off or painted out.

So on my bike ride in to work yesterday morning when i found this entirely awesome, seasonally appropriate poster pasted up on the signal control box where 8th Street deadends into Fairfax, I got myself out of traffic and my camera in hand and captured the hell out of it there to celebrate it here.

I could just be seeing things but it kinda looks like that might be some sort of lettering inside the gaping mouth… DOOF maybe? Might that be a clue as to the artist or does anyone far better versed in streetartology straight-away know the creator of this mysterypiece?

Click for maximum sinisterization.

UPDATED (12:35 p.m.): Commenter foodeater solved the mystery; it’s not DOOF, it’s TOOF as in Shark Toof (myspace).

October 1 and the hauntings begin in LA!

The first of the haunting decorations went up yesterday in my hood!
The first of the haunting decorations went up yesterday in my 'hood!

Its started.  The great push towards the All Hallows Eve party on 10/31.  30 days away and people are beginning to start their decorating to celebrate the big event.  I *think* this year I’m taking a few of my oldest kids and a few friends to weho to enjoy the parade – I still think they have the most jubilant celebration of the day in LA.  Agree?

I’m working on a few more of the ” LA boo-stories” that I started last year.  Am researching the Brand Library and Clifton Middle School to name a few.  If there are others in your corner of LA that need attention let me know.

Of course if you want up the minute, almost daily haunting stuff in LA visit our own David Markland’s Creepy LA.

Pic by me grabbed on my morning rounds getting the kidlets to school.

Where my Trick-or-Treaters at?

darthvader.jpgI live in an apartment, so I didn’t expect a parade of goblins and ghouls. But I thought there would be at least ONE knock on my door. There was last year. I admit it – I’m disappointed. Not least because this pile of Reese’s is fucking with my ability to eat a nutritional breakfast. (Whoops, lunch! Jeez, where’d the morning go?)

In order to cheer myself up, I want you to tell me about your trick-or-treaters. How many did you have? What type of residence do you live in (house, apartment, townhome, etc.)? What neighborhood?

I am in Koreatown/Wilshire Center, in an apartment, and had zero trick-or-treaters.


jackocide.jpg So what do you do with your Jack-o-lanterns the day after Halloweenie? Providing some houligan didn’t smash it, what do you do with 1 pumpkin, let alone the 3 I have? (pic by me you know the drill to make it bigger).

Give him a good whack ala Silence of the Lambs and eat ’em that’s what.

So far 2 have been cut, peeled and cubed. One is roasting with cinnamon and spices to be puree’d for future pies and breads. The other is being steamed to be canned for future soups. The last one is nervously waiting in the spare fridge where it will be whacked for tonights “Pumpkin, Corn & Lemon Grass Soup” ala the current Gourment magazine with the rest going into Pumpkin Cranberry Bread for a side. (Sometimes flipping to vegetarian for a while is good for you and FUN).

So LA…what are you doing with your spare Jack?

Pirate Ship in Monrovia, urban legend in the making?

pubmastheadhdrtm8bitvp.jpg I wrote about this incredible house on W. Hillcrest in Monrovia last week HERE. They are nearly complete and it is something to behold. The crowning touch has got to be the tall mast with the required sail and flag each sporting a jolly roger. The attention to detail when you wander about makes this even better close up. I do believe this is what becomes an urban legend best. (Sorry I couldn’t pass up the old advertising slogan).
more pics after the jump!
Continue reading Pirate Ship in Monrovia, urban legend in the making?

more ugly pumpkins, too short for candles

10%2029%2007005.jpg Found these ugly beauties at Pavilions this afternoon. Similar to the ugly pumpkins of last week, this time they were a very glorious deep rusty orange. Smelled good too. Problem is that like the last batch they are too short to put a candle in them. I’m a purist, has to be tall enough for a candle. None of that battery operated bulbs for me.

I may get one of these uglies just to cook down for soup and see what happens. The jack’s have a short life as when the treaters leave, they are roasted off and canned the next day for breads, soups, and a few pies during the next few months.

Pic by me with the trusty che-ez. Click it to make it bigger in all its imperfect glory.