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Come party with us Friday!

Come out to Hollywood this Friday to meet, hang and harangue Yes, it’s time to have another little party. Last one was at the Golden Gopher in Downtown LA, this time we’re in Hollywood.

Where: Tokio (1640 N Cahuenga Blvd at Hollywood Blvd 90028)
When: Friday, Feb 17th – 8pm to ~10pm
Who: You!

Take the Holly Trolley or the Metro. Decent self-parking is across the street. Be on the VIP list. RSVP your name to: bla-party ( a t ) heathervescent ( d o t ) com.

Bad news for Science fans

The Ministry of Unknown Science have been forced, due to noise complaints, to cancel the remainder of their Saturday encore performances of THE MINISTRY OF UNKNOWN SCIENCE IS BIGGER THAN GOD, which was their fifth Experiment. The shows were scheduled to run every Saturday through the end of the month.

From their official notice:

As for our lack of “permits,” we considered responding to the cease-and-desist order with a document of our own, detailing the myriad ways in which scientists of the past bucked traditional convention on their way to discoveries which ultimately benefitted all humanity. Does the name “Galileo” ring a bell, motherfuckers?

We also considered launching our vast cache of idiot-homing ICBM’s at our “land lord’s” house.

But the latter would result in a nightmarish holocaust of bloodshed. And the former would deprive us of valuable “getting stoned” time.

So it is with great sadness and barely-concealed rage that we have chosen to fight another day. The remaining three presentations of “The Ministry of Unknown Science Is Bigger Than God” are hereby cancelled.


But fear not! Your Ministers are actively pursuing new and more fabulous lab space, far from the prying yes of letter slinging apes. Stay tuned to this email list for further updates.

The Ministry will rise again. And with your help, we will forge a world without stupidity.

I’d recommend joining their Topica mailing list, not just to keep abreast of their shows but also to get brilliantly funny updates like this one.

Wrestling Society X Results…


Several reports came in here at Wrestling Observer, as well as here, here, here, and here at Pro Wrestling Insider (warning: ad bloat in these last five links) regarding MTV‘s Wrestling Society X pilot taping last night in a Chinatown warehouse.

Some highlights:

I have say that this event was somewhat disorganized and there were absolutely no safety mats. There were no ring aprons at all. In fact I can look under the ring and notice the smoke machine & a microphone. The building itself looked like an abandoned warehouse. Simply put the place was a mess.

When I got there I waited in line for 1 and 1/2 hours after they picked up the crowd from the parking lot with vans. The audience did not go in at the promised start time 3pm. Heck we didn’t go in at the mandatory 4:30pm. We finally came in around 5pm and it was standing room only with no chairs. …

Honestly, this was a very disappointing show thanks with the bad rock music from Black Label Society. Three matches that I waited for over four hours (which included the parking lot wait) was pathetic. I was basically seeing an PWG show with the first two matches combined an XPW main event (a promotion that I never enjoyed). Hopefully the production guys can do a great editing job for this show if they want to make this promotion big. I would love to see the next show, but they need to make lots of improvements.


I’m not sure how many people were there. They brought us in 25 at a time (I was in the first group) and there were only about what seemed like 150 people brought in. With all the other people hanging around…It seemed like less than 300. Found out after that a lot of them were from an extra agency, they were paid for being there.

Chinese New Year Parade Wrap Up

DragonDespite an unsavory incident at the shuttles heading down to the Los Angeles Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown(celebrating Chinese New Year – year of the Dog), I can say that good times were had by all. So this is a quick wrap up of the day. Even if others were quicker on the draw in getting their posts up, I figured that one more just couldn’t hurt.

After arriving at the parade route, I met up with a detachment of Ninjas, all of us ready and willing to shoot mass amounts of photos, which I can safely say that we did. Mr. T was in full effect that day, posing with many of the parade participants.

The parade itself seemed kind of strange. One float or group would come through, then maybe five minutes would pass and then another float or group would come through.

Pop PopAnd the groups that did come through were remarkably varied: everything from high school marching bands to martial arts groups to councilpeople riding in Sebrings(Garcetti we missed you!). Pretty eclectic bunch, but no Falun Gong. But we did get to see Villaraigosa in the flesh. Nice.

Lots of fireworks. Lots of loud fireworks, which I loved, but many people could not take the heat. And St. Moxiee was there to hand out sparklers to the youth.

So that’s all I got for right now. Anyone else go?

From Canada, With Love

Despite the Canadian government apologizing for him on numerous occasions, I saw Bryan Adams’ name come up in the news a few weeks ago, in connection with La Lohan, saying that she’d cut herself on a coffee mug while at his London estate. I was perplexed. I couldn’t see Bryan Adams hanging out with someone from Lindsay’s echelon when he was in his prime, “Summer of ’69” days, much less in his current, more wrinkled days.

Kevin and Bean explained it this morning though. It was RYAN Adams. Oh. Suddenly, this goes from being hilarious to being just mediocre celebrity gossip. I was really hoping for an elaborate back story explanation as to how Bryan Adams got back in the American news.

But there’s more Canadians in L.A. this weekend that usual. Stars are playing the Avalon tomorrow night. I started listening to Stars (and the other Arts and Crafts label artists)because one of my old friends from my alma mater, the University of British Columbia, is the lighting designer for the tour. I haven’t seen a Canadian musical artist in the States for ages, so I’m wondering it if will be an experience anything like when Our Lady Peace tour the States, and every Canadian in a hundred mile radius shows up. I know there’s a lot of Canadians in L.A. that I just haven’t been introduced to at parties yet, so I’m sure a few will come out of the woodwork.

Watch out, L.A.! The Canadians are sneaking in! We will send our aging rockers to steal your starlets, and our indie bands to play your clubs and our Degrassi High reruns to take over your TV at 2am! Although that’s really all we can do. We’re probably too polite for anything else.

Your musical week. . .

The weekend is nearly upon us and if any of you are like me, you’re thinking “oh crap! Tomorrow is the weekend! I should probably make plans for fun!” Well, I have a few suggestions on where you might find this elusive “fun” this weekend.

Friday night sees The Gris Gris playing at the Echo. Ariel Pink headlines with Indian Jewelry and Belong supporting as well.

I can’t even tell you how pumped I am to see the Gris Gris again. Here’s a a little clipping from the label’s website on the band’s recently released second album:

For the Season is the second album from The Gris Gris, the sorceress San Francisco outfit assembled by psychedelic shaman Greg Ashley. For the Season is the definition of modern psychedelia while providing the vehicle for Ashley’s catchy songwriting and complex arrangements.

I can’t endorse the other bands quite as strongly as I do the Gris Gris but it should be an entertaining night. If you don’t like it you can always go hang out with the hipsters up the street at The Little Joy or The Shortstop.

Other upcoming hotness includes:
Sunday: Eleni Mandell (How can you not be in love with this woman?) at The Fold/Tangier or
on both Sunday and Monday Jeff Tweedy & Glenn Kotche (of Wilco! !) at The Fonda
Also Monday you could go back to Spaceland for The Willowz and Wolfmother if you want to get your psych-rock on for free.
and finally, on Monday and also free at The Echoyou can catch The Cloud Room (who have a ridiculously catchy song called “Hey Now Now” that all the mp3 bloggers are up in arms about) with Hellen Stellar (who I’ve, admittedly, never heard. Sorry.)

If you can’t have fun with that list in your hand then you, my friends, are in trouble.

carly live blogs the grammy awards

Apparently, the Grammy awards were held last night, which shows you how in touch I am with the damn kids today.

I didn’t watch them, partially because I didn’t know they were on, but mostly because I don’t care. Luckily, I read Carly Milne’s live blog of the show while I drank my coffee this morning, which is about fifteen different kinds of entertaining, and a million percent better than the show could ever hope to be.

Bono wins my award for Most Affected Lead Singer Ever. I’d hate him if he didn’t have such a great fucking band.

Please anybody but Kanye.


What the fuck is he wearing? Kool Moe Dee much? His brain really got mucked in that car accident. People, please. Stop indulging him. Just because he says he’s great doesn’t mean he is. I’m not saying he’s shit, but poor Fiddy. He’s probably crying in his Chinchilla coat right now back in Connetticut.

[. . .]

Try as I might, I can’t hate “Gold Digger.” Damn you, Kingye.

Wait, the bimbos in gold bikinis crying “Get the money!” just made me change my mind.

And that’s just the surface. Carly is sofa king funny, and masters that essential part of live blogging, where it’s still entertaining to some jerk reading it after the fact.

Wrestling Society X…


MTV, a network that has in the past carried WWE programming such as Sunday Night Heat and Tough Enough, is apparently taping a new pro wrestling pilot on Thursday evening at 6:00 PM in a warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

Pro Wrestling Insider offers additional information (warning: the pages on this website are full of ad bloat) as well as a printable pass and a signed release form:

…the taping will feature a live punk band performing at the show, with heavyweight workers doing hardcore bouts and lighter wrestlers doing aerial styles matches.

The pilot taping for the company (which sources have tagged Wrestling Society X, which I have am unable to get a 100% confirm on) will be taped at a warehouse that has been converted into a soundstage of shorts.

UPDATE: Results from the taping here.

More after the jump.
Continue reading Wrestling Society X…

Very Dangerous Chicken

Just so you know, it’s a Really Bad Idea to put a chicken breast under the broiler for a minute or two, then run downstairs to check your email.

I know I should have taken a picture of the carnage, but I was too embarrassed last night and today the trash has been collected, washing me free of all sins.

The highlights: The chicken caught fire, the house filled with smoke, the gaskets on the broiler door melted, and today there’s a fine layer of greasy black ash on everything.

Hooray! I am a domestic goddess!