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Gimme A Sign: Trumpeting The Donald

I have a vague recollection from back in the early 1990s when The Donald had audacious plans to raze the Ambassador Hotel and then build a monument to his penis 125-story skyscraper on the site.

While the plan for that power tower never panned out (gee darn!), as consolation Trump can certainly lay claim to having the biggest sign ever strapped to the L.A. Convention Center. Above, there it is from the transition between the eastbound 10 and the northbound 110, but I’m pretty sure it’s visible from space, too (click to biggify… if you dare).

More Dicky

The past week or so has found many of us here making several posts about Dickey Barrett and his abrupt replacement on the Mighty Morning Show. Needless to say I’m not psyched about it. Yesterday the LA Weekly chimed in on the subject and pours more gasoline on the “this is messed up” fire:

Barrett says that he was prepared to take his firing quietly, but that Girocco’s statement to Hits forced his hand. Last Friday, his publicist released a typo-riddled statement in which Barrett makes a number of strong accusations, including — ouch! — that he was scolded for complaining on-air about a Morrissey single. Barrett says he was told to “say the time and call letters till your [sic] blue in the face,” and he also tells the Weekly that Indie forced him to use a playlist in recent months (a rule not applied to some other celeb DJs at Indie).

Most troubling, he accuses Indie of de facto censorship at the hands of Steele and Girocco. Barrett says the two demanded approval for all his guests, and fired him the same day he held an “unauthorized” pro-choice discussion on his show with a South Dakota radio host. (“Dawn Girocco [is] Dick Cheney, Steele is George Bush,” says Barrett in the release.)

Further complicating matters, no one at Indie will discuss the matter, including Girocco, beyond the usual “we wish him the best of luck” formalities.

Maybe it’s just me, but Michael Steele’s email reply saying “If you need to find a new choice in mornings, that’s cool. Do what you need to do, we did” doesn’t quite come across as “best of luck formalities” to me.

B-list means first class on Alaska airlines

There’s nothing like seeing some mid-level celebs while flying to L.A. from Hollywood North, which is what us Vancouverites like to call our fair city when discussing our film industry. Upon stepping into the Alaska airlines flight from Vancouver [mbv] to L.A. I was surprised to see Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy’s younger sister and the girl who slept with Keith on Six Feet Under), leaning over her seat talking loudly about her BlackBerry.

[Insert lewd joke here].

She’s in Vancouver to film an not very promising film called Black Christmas [tvi].

I missed seeing Mickey Rooney, who apparently was also in the good seats on the plane heading from YVR to LAX. Rooney was flying down to L.A. to look confussed by Jon Stewart’s jokes at the Oscars. At least I’m told it was Mickey Rooney, some in the group I’m travelling with hinted that it might have been Mickey Rourke. Goodness knows why anyone would be confussed between the two.

In true star style neither had to wait with the rest of us for our bags to be offloaded, instead limo drivers picked their bags up for them.

Edit: Changed Andy Rooney to Mickey Rooney to better match up with reality, and to make the post make some sort of sense.

Not Too Legit To Blog

Relayed from Blogebrity who found it at Valleywag, comes the news that Stanley Kirk Burrell otherwise known as MC Hammer has commenced blogging.

From yesterday’s entry, Stanley relates a “horrible dream” he had in which he’s down on his luck somewhere in the south in 1968 and decides to become an officer of the law:

I walked into the sheriff’s office and immediately all eyes were on me. The room went silent and you could hear a rat pissin’ on cotton. My dark chocolate skin and my bold jaw line complimented [sic] my broad nose and my full lips. I opened my mouth and simply said, “I’m here to apply for a job as an officer.”

Rat pissin’ on cotton? Chocolate skin? Bold jaw line complementing his broad nose? I could go on cutting and pasting the ensuing strangeness that unfolds, but suffice it to say he’s accepted as a cadet and then gets beaten to death, all of which dovetails nicely into a plug for his new single, “History, I Won’t Give Up,” off his upcoming album “LookLookLook.”

And if that weren’t bad enough a moblog entry down the page shows that Hammer drives a Hummer, which sooooo overqualifies him for Shane’s asshole fine.