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Is Xenu Gay? to TMZ, indie film director John Roecker was wearing his “Scientology Is Gay!” t-shirt in Los Feliz recently when he happened to bump into Jenna and Bodhi Elfman. Bodhi growled, “Hey, man, you’re making fun of my religion.”

Mr. Elfman’s ire was apparently drawn by Roecker’s self-made t-shirt, which had a picture of Tom Cruise on the front under the caption “Scientology is Gay!” and a ‘Stayin’-Alive’-era John Travolta on the back with the words “Very Gay!”

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The Cult of Charles Phoenix


Charles Phoenix is one of Los Angeles’ civic treasures. He is a lifelong Southern California resident, and has a major ongoing love affair with the L.A. area. And while he does host a wonderful tour of present-day downtown, most of his work has focused on the Kodachrome era: Southern California during the years when Kodachrome slides were used to capture and show the wonders of this region to the folks who couldn’t see it for themselves. The word I seem to have picked up is “histo-tainer”.

Kodachrome slides are the inspiration behind the two slideshows that Charles Phoenix has put together, which are full-fledged performance art as presented and narrated by him. He collects slides, at thrift stores, garage and estate sales, anywhere they turn up. I learned this for the first time last year, at his Retro Slideshow of Southern California, a two hour production at the Ford Ampitheater. And I saw his second show ten days ago, when I went to the Retro Disneyland slideshow, a show of Disneyland slides from 1955 to 1967. We all like Disneyland, some of us more than others – but I think few people love being there like Charles Phoenix does.
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Steven Seagal: Marked for Blues

seagal.GIFI have to admit that I find Steven Seagal fascinating. Even more so now that he has fashioned himself into a blues musician. And is now on tour. And this Wednesday he will be performing at the El Rey Theater. Mind. Blowing.

I am not sure what to make of it. One minute he is breaking the forearms of Jamaican drug lords in Marked for Death, and the next he is on stage singing the blues. Who know that he had this whole other side to him?

So that leaves us with this Wednesday, when you can go see him. Unfortunately I cannot make it as I have prior engagements, but I thought I would spread the word in case anyone out there is willing to check it out.

Dog Day Afternoon… at Target

I’m not usually excited when I see a celebrity here in Los Angeles, but sometimes they appear so out place it deserves mention.

Such was the case today at the West Hollywood Target, where Al Pacino walked by me pushing a shopping cart with a young kid inside. At first I thought it was just a really bad Pacino impersonator – oversized suit, badly in need of a shave, slight hunch, chic sunglasses, etc. … but I sent my skeptical girlfriend to reconfirm that it was, indeed, Pacino.

Not as strange as when I found Gary Coleman working at my local Blockbuster about six years ago, but odd enough.

Feel free to share your own unique celebrity sightings in the comments.

Ever seen him in a shirt?

Not that you’re really seeing him in one now either,
but this is the best I could do on the fly in the Gelson’s, without him knowing what I was doing.

Not that he’d care, but still.

Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Silver Lake Walker, wearing a shirt and not reading a newspaper!

Public access rules in Los Angeles…’ve never really been big on watching TV, but I recently got basic cable and have been watching public access channel 24 on Comcast. It’s mind-blowing how fucked up and weird some of the shows are. One of my favorite people on public access in LA is a guy named Zuma Dogg. He’s a super annoying white gangster rapper that performs on Venice Beach (usually wearing his own shirt). I’m not sure if this guy is really this tweaked or if it’s just an act. Either way I’m glad he’s out there doing his thing. I found these two clips on youtube so you can get an idea of what his show is all about. Also, check out his myspace page and website.
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Gay Edge hardcore band from Los Angeles!

LA’s best (and possibly only) self proclaimed “Gay Edge” hardcore band, Gayrilla Biscuits, have released another solid sounding limited 7 inch. You can pick this beast up at Amoeba in Hollywood, Amoeba in San Francisco or Vinyl Solution in Orange County. If you prefer your music digital, the songs will be up on I tunes as well very shortly. Two of the new songs are available to hear online from the “Hung Queens Can Suck It” e.p. now. Check out “Bringin’ It Down My Throat” on the official Gayrilla Biscuits myspace page and “Gay Edge Revenge” on the Buddyhead myspace page. You can also buy “Big Dick on I tunes by clicking here. I’ve haven’t seen these guys play live yet, but my friend Aaron saw them a few times at the now defunct “Malebox” in West Hollywood last year and said they were one of the tightest and craziest bands he’d ever seen. The band is currently gearing up and getting ready for some live shows soon from what I hear. All I have to say is… Gay edge revenge!

Queen Of The Oddballs – tonight


Please join Hillary Carlip Tuesday, May 2, for a fun-filled, action-packed book reading/signing/performance for her new memoir, Queen Of The Oddballs: And Other True Stories From A Life Unaccording To Plan.

Rumor has it, she will even be reenacting her comedy juggling song, which led to her triumphant win on the original Gong Show!!

Mo’ fabulous surprises and give-aways, too!


Tuesday, May 2nd, 7:30 pm
Barnes & Noble
The Grove at Farmers Market
189 Grove Drive Suite K 30
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Mister Jalopy’s Wooden Pig

When I met Mister Jalopy for lunch today, this item was on the table before him.
(sorry for the blurring – phonecam + closeup = crap)

Apparently today’s garage sale circuit included a stop at a church rummage sale, where an argument ensued over this very item.

“How Much,” asked Mister Jalopy.

“For the wooden pig? A quarter.”

Not one to be fooled with, Mister J immediately pointed out that the article in question is, in fact, a hippo, and further it is clearly made of good old American plastic.

“I ask that you examine it more closely,” he told her, “and accept my offer of a nickel.”

At this moment, an old woman in a wheelchair overheard the exchange and took it upon herself to inform Mister Jalopy that he was, in her opinion, “a cheapskate.”

What a day. How many of us can even dream to be called cheapskate by an unknown old handicapper? That, friends, is only a part of what it means to be … Mister Jalopy.

Another C-List Celebrity Sighting!

kober.jpgToday I saw Jeff Kober at Peet’s in Studio City. By remarkable coincidence, I was there with a friend I met on a Buffy site. (This is especially remarkable because said friend lives in England. And because I hadn’t known she’d be there, though I did know she was in LA.) Mr. Kober, of course, had multiple guest appearances on Buffy.

I know we have posts like this somewhat frequently, but there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of celebs in this town…so, seen anyone lately?

Get blazed by The Average Homeboy on 4/20

I’m not usually a fan of rap music (unless they’ve got songs called “Fuck tha Police”); in fact I stopped paying attention to that “music genre” altogether around 1995. But in life there’s an exception to every rule and in this case his name is none other than “The Average Homeboy“. I don’t know much about this champ, but I’m totally rooting for him and his blossoming music career. My hope is that someone from the music industry will see this post and immediately sign The Average Homeboy to a multi-million dollar record deal. LA is made of dreams. Watch his demo here and prepared to be motherfuckin’ blazed!
(video after the jump)
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Prisoner of X – Finally!


Many, many years in the making, Feral House Books is finally ready to ship Prisoner of X, Allan MacDonnell’s tell-all memoir about his 20-year tenure on the staff of Larry Flynt’s HUSTLER Magazine.

“During his tenure in the Hustler trenches, punk-rock dropout Allan MacDonell ascends from entry-level comma-catcher to editorial overlord of the unseemly offerings at Larry Flynt Publications. Here’s the inside story of running America’s most influential porn domain.”

is shipping now, or you can order directly from Feral House.

Cover art is by the one and only Daniel Clowes.

This is the MySpace link.