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More Free Coffee from Starbucks?

GroundsDon’t get too excited, because a free cup o’ joe it’s not. Starbucks has probably been doing this forever, but I just noticed this last week at the *B’s location on Glendale and Fletcher. It’s a big ol’ basket of dirty, used coffee grounds free for the taking! The program is called “Grounds for Your Garden,” so it’s obviously directed at the urban green thumbs among you. However, if you had another use for them, I’m sure they’d be okay with you helping yourself. I’m thinking “beard for a hobo halloween costume.”

one hand clapping – on sale

[clicking is the path to enlightenment]

Need an authentic Hundu deity or two for your living room? How about a fully decked opium bed? Or maybe a few jeweled Indian wedding scarves?

If this sounds good to you then you should know the best place in LA to find this stuff is the Koan Collection. These guys scour the earth to bring you the best of old and new from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Thailand.

And guess what? Today is the first day of their big weekend clearance sale.

Expect drastic markdowns on furniture, fabrics and accessories, and the people who run the place are super nice too.

Koan Collection
6109 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Felt Club needs you!

[you Know you want to see it bigger]

Remember those nice folks at Felt Club? Well, it looks like the Felt Clubbers are in a dust-up with John Law!

The short version of the story is that some of their enthusiastic friends put up flyers where they weren’t supposed to, and/or didn’t remove them after the show was over…and now the city has come a-knockin’ to collect fines for the infringement.

Read the whole story here but more importantly, this is a great opportunity to

a) help them out of a jam they didn’t knowingly create, and

b) get yourself supplied with a whole lot of great stuff you can either keep for yourself or use to handle probably a year’s worth of gift-giving obligations.

The three eBay auctions started on 3/11, and will end at 6pm on Sunday, March 18.

Bidding is be brisk, but worth the effort!

It’s more than just a car you’re buying

[click for maximum enjoyment]

This car was lovingly created by my friend Nick, and now it can be yours. It’s a perfectly proportioned and dent-free 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, and Nick has, for his own reasons, covered it entirely in burnished aluminum foil. The end result is nothing short of awesome.

Read the whole story – it’s fascinating and compelling, and lacks only you to write the final chapters.

Believe me, photos don’t do this car justice, especially in the sun.

Go, read, learn, marvel. And then buy!

75% Off Sale at Litte Knittery RIGHT NOW

[apologies for overuse of exclamation points]

No time to blog – The Little Knittery is having a HUGE sale!

Books, magazines, and the most glorious yarns, many at 75% OFF!

I was in there right when they opened at 11am and it was already like a Lucy episode – the tiny store jammed with people, all scurrying to hoard the best stuff.

The amazing handspuns, hand-dyeds, cashmere, and even the Misti Alpaca is on sale!!

Also, all books and mags are on sale – 15 to 75% off!! (That includes the
new Rowan Studios magazines!)

Today (Sat) Only

The Little Knittery
4712 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA. 90027

Show Off Some Technology On Your Time

electricgiraffe.jpgI seem to associate with the sort of people for whom the Make Blog is mandatory reading. In fact, I bought a year’s worth of the magazine for my cousin for Chrismukkah, and continue to hope that my scientist boyfriend doesn’t spontaneously realize that there is a magazine out there devoted to doing random cool stuff with science at home.

However, now Make is going even MORE live-action with the MakerFaire. This is a call to bring in your DIY projects to the Faire. More information is on the Call for Makers page. And then you can come out and audition at Machine Project this Sunday (the 18th). The original post on BoingBoing just asks that you keep your demo to 10min or less.

I’d say this was kind of like science fair for grownups, except the Make projects seem to focus on being useful, or recycling old components in a useful way, instead of just showing science for science’s sake. Maybe it’s more like science fair with a purpose. I may have to go down & hang out just to see what kind of insanely creative stuff is presented.

It’s Glue Heaven!

[oh please click to have the full experience]

Ladies, I know you’re gluing. I am too – It’s just part of our nature.

But take it from me, it’s time to put aside that grody twisted up tube of E6000, and come over to the boys’ side of the aisle.

There’s a whole world of glues out there, most of which are better and a hell of a lot neater than that crappy, stringy, can’t get the cap off without pliers E6000.

Want to have your mind blown?

A single trip to Burbank’s House of Hobbies should do the trick.

This shot is just a portion of their glue possibilities, and before you get
all defensive about the “all purpose” nature of your E6000, let me say there
are SEVERAL glues here that will bond anything at all to anything you can
hold in proximity to it, and do so in a helluva lot more elegant way. In particular, “goo” does it all, without those hideous glue string trails, and in a smaller tube so it’s easier to store and won’t get rotten with age.

BHOH has only the most knowledgeable staff dudes too (Hi, Jeff!), so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

And don’t forget to check out all the ZAP glues – still the best on fingernail and (costume) jewelry repairs!

Tiny Cities Made of…Quartz

Drove up the Angeles Highway yesterday just for shits’n’giggles. This is what I saw when I stopped and turned around, above:

So wee!

In other news, everyone’s getting truffles this year for Christmas. LA is rife with crafty fairs, yes, and they all make my head spin. I just can’t take it. Not only do I always find myself thinking, “But…but…I could make that. I could make that for less than…$45?! You want forty-five steenking dollars for that bowl made out of a melted James Brown record?! Fuck you! Fuck you, little emo girl! I will NOT pay you for stuff I can make myself!” And then I go home and never make any of it. Too many vegan wallets, knitted emo scarves and beer cozies, acid-trippy stuffed alien dolls with button eyes, jewelry made from old records and screen-printed retro tees for me. It all blurs, becomes hazy and vague, I see dancing hallucinations of glue guns at the edges of my vision, and I find myself stumbling off to their crafty little food corner, blood sugar dangerously low, where I drop six dollars on a vegan homemade cupcake. Sorry kids. No one gets handmade guitar straps this year with little cutouts of birds or trees on them. No purses made out of vintage scarves. You all get CHOCOLATE. yummy.JPG

Cranberry & milk chocolate truffles. Not pictured: entire trayfuls of blueberry/bittersweet chocolate and ginger-white peach/dark chocolate truffles. I am whupped, and will be happy never to see another slab of Trader Joe’s Ghiradelli’s for at least…erm…a month or two.

If you want the recipe, I might give it to you, but you may be asked to answer riddles or do something embarassing.

Last-minute: Get drunk, Shop


Are you freaked out?

Did you miss Felt Club?

Do you still need handmade gifts?

Then check out this last-minute holiday boutique: It will be taking place this coming Monday night at the Mustardseed Cafe on Hillhurst and Los Feliz and will feature handmade knits, jewelry, art and more from local crafters and artists.

And did I mention there would be wine?

1948 Hillhurst
Los Feliz

Monday December 18th

Petra Haden and Pals, Gift-Slingin’ at Sugarbutterbex, and More

To do this weekend and beyond:


Petra Haden (That Dog, Afoostic Fighters, solo), Lisa Papineau (Air, Big Sur, solo), and Francoise Blound Blound appear with Crooked Cowboy & the Freshwater Indians Monday for free at Mr. T’s Bowl; Spindrift gets drifty with space rockers Tsk Tsk and Seattle boot-gazers Dead Meadow on Saturday; and Sugarbutterbex going beyond pimping your bike into the ever-popular DIY crafter holiday faire field. More info after le jump.
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