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Jeffery Kelly Simpson was born in Edmonton Alberta in the year 1978 at a very young age.  Like most children he eventually grew up, though unlike most he had the poor sense to go online instead of going out with pretty girls.  In high school he had a blog before people knew what blogs were, and by the time that people knew what blogs were he had several of them.

As an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan Campus he became involved with the student newspaper the Phoenix.  At first he only wanted to write music reviews and get free CDs but before he knew it he was the News Editor and then later worked his way up to being the Editor-In-Chief and then the Managing Editor. 

Though his work with the Phoenix he got involved with the Canadian University Press where he took a seat on the board of directors of Campus Plus, the world's largest student owned advertising agency.  He was a contributing editor for the short lived agent magazine, Canada's first national student owned and operated glossy magazine.

While still in university he began working as a freelance technology writer for the entertainment and video game website.  Jeffery began local freelancing shortly afterwards, writing for The Kelowna Daily Courier and eVent! magazine and is currently a regular contributor to the technology section of The Georgia Straight.

He is currently the City Captain for Vancouver Metblogs and maintains his own blog as well as a blog about being a fan of the English Premier League team Arsenal while living across the Atlantic in Vancouver.  He is also an active photography habit which he displays on Flickr.

After years of being single, and writing about it constantly, he is engaged to be married to Lydia Skinner whom he loves and who seems to love him.


You can contact Jeffery Kelly Simpson if you wish to either by email or Twitter.  He is availble for freelance work as a writer, blogger or photographer.

A trip to the Disneyland, my life as a tourist

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DSC01667.JPG, originally uploaded by SolGrundy.

I’m from out of town, Vancouver to be exact [mbv], and so simply being in L.A. almost by law requires a trip to Disneyland. There have been several really great posts about the Magic Kingdom from the perspectives of locals in the past. Robert Daeley has a Fear and Loathing style post about it [bla] and Jillian Tate has a more affectionate post about the House of M [bla].

Still so much of how I view California, and America in general was, at least initially, formed by Disney movies, trips to Disneyland and other entertainment that it’s tough to spend any significant time here without being drawn back. And even though I’ve been through my Adbusters phase, and have worn a t-shirt with a severed Mickey Mouse head in the past, it’s still hard to go through the Disney experiance without feeling a little touch of that hold childhood magic.

More after the jump, if you’re up for it.
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Because what you really need with dinner is some pirates

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Pirates’ Boat, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I suspect that the perfect age for Pirates Dinner Adventure [pda] is about six, when pirates are still cool and the thought of eating a meal while a pirate play unfolds in front of you is almost as awesome as being able to watch television while at the dinner table.

The trouble with being with a large group on holidays is that you’re going to end up doing some tragically unhip things, such as pirate dinner theatre.

More after the jump? You’ll have to check for yourself.

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B-list means first class on Alaska airlines

There’s nothing like seeing some mid-level celebs while flying to L.A. from Hollywood North, which is what us Vancouverites like to call our fair city when discussing our film industry. Upon stepping into the Alaska airlines flight from Vancouver [mbv] to L.A. I was surprised to see Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy’s younger sister and the girl who slept with Keith on Six Feet Under), leaning over her seat talking loudly about her BlackBerry.

[Insert lewd joke here].

She’s in Vancouver to film an not very promising film called Black Christmas [tvi].

I missed seeing Mickey Rooney, who apparently was also in the good seats on the plane heading from YVR to LAX. Rooney was flying down to L.A. to look confussed by Jon Stewart’s jokes at the Oscars. At least I’m told it was Mickey Rooney, some in the group I’m travelling with hinted that it might have been Mickey Rourke. Goodness knows why anyone would be confussed between the two.

In true star style neither had to wait with the rest of us for our bags to be offloaded, instead limo drivers picked their bags up for them.

Edit: Changed Andy Rooney to Mickey Rooney to better match up with reality, and to make the post make some sort of sense.